Apna Dostana…

The past couple of days have been simply…fantastic. Apart from the fact that I am at home [having been thrown all over the place i can say with authority that theres no place like home] I met some new ppl for the first time,well…first time if you take away the time during my infancy, that doesnt count!

Sanjay mausa, Jayshree mausi, Shradha, Shikhar…they had come for a couple of days but the time I spent with them was indescribable…in a good way :).

Mausi is mum’s school friend, though I call her mausi she has none of the formality a relative does…Fultu fun.
Mausaji, I found to be a kind soft grizzly bear…very much like papa. His anecdotes very funny & advice ringed true
Shradha & Shikhar are two ppl who I am very happy to have as friends & spending time with them was super cool. Seriously guys, nice hanging with you…itna maza kai dino ke baad aaya *thumbs up*

Thoda ghoome, BAHUT khaya 😀 [you guys will attest to that! ], aur usse bhi zyada gapiyae!
Shikhar-hope the next time you beat me at arm wrestling is without using both your hands!
Shradha-funny & mast bandiya like you are rare…dont ever change!

Hope ab mulakate hote rahengi…Wish you all every success in life.
Love you all!dsc00243.jpg

Keep Rocking!!


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