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Let the moral policing be….

I think it was the day before yesterday that I read about the incident in Mangalore….you know…young guys & girls in a pub, beaten up by the thugs of “Sri Ram Sene”. I have nothing to say about these closed minded, out-of-sync, bumbling numbnuts. What they did was wrong, no matter which perspective you look at it with. What amazes me is the comment & the attitude of the CM of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa. Him agreeing with the goons’ ideology is not at all becoming for a CM. Let me make it clear, he did not agree with the violence perpetuated by the SRS boneheads & has said that they will be brought to book. But what he did say was that the pubs etc. are corrupting the youth & destroying our culture.

Would people please just lay OFF trying to be moral custodians of the entire country???

Disturbingly the CM of Rajasthan, Mr Ashok Gehlot has also come out with the following statement-“I want to end the pub & mall culture where young boys & girls roam about hand in hand…not the culture of Rajasthan”. Well sir, neither is eating non-veg food or listening to rock music. Maybe you would like to convert all the restaurants & ban the And what does mall have anything to do with any of it! Maybe its just your name Mr.Zealot…sorry…Mr. Gehlot

What is with people trying to push their brand of morality down other people’s throat? Are we not capable of making choices on or own? As far as I am concerned, I should be provided with all the options & I decide what I want to do. People who drink in pubs or go to discos also respect the traditions of Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja equally, if not more. I would rather have them as my friends than the SRS gundas, who are probably abusive drinkers in their private lives & take it out on their families.

Globalization brings in change, some bad, but mostly good. You want to crack down on stuff that our traditions do not allow? How about cracking down on the leaders of various extremists outfits like MNS, Shiv Sena, SRS, who promote violence against the public?
It has become something of a fashion to brand anything that the young do as anti-traditional/offence to the bhartiya sabhayta. And such close-minded statements coming from CM certainly does not bode well for our country.


On Holiday!!

Today our college is celebrating “Greenday”….so I am singing Holiday!!

If you did not get what I just said, no worries, its just me being clever πŸ™‚

Actually, promoting greenery, my college has declared 30th Jan to be a Greenday and hence has banned the entry of any motor vehicles inside the campus. Now this move has automatically caused the word “Holiday” to pop in the heads of many pp, as transport is essential to get here. It’s like serving an excuse, to not come to college, on a platter!!

Unknowingly, my college has also promoted the famous American Rock band “Green Day”. Unknowingly because as far as I know Dr. Karad is not a fan πŸ˜‰ [hmmmm…will have to confirm this with raghav :D]

And “Holiday” happens to be a famous song from their album “American Idiot”

So basically, there isΒ  double meaning in the comment w.r.t the words “greenday” & “holiday”

If you STILL are not getting it, I suggest you let it be :)….Its 2 in the morning & I am not putting in any more time in this weird post.

A pledge for the envoirnment

New year resolutions may have been broken, but here are some promises that I am sure to follow

-Stop wasting paper by making rough notes on them, instead use my Mac…I’m front of it anyway so why not use that?
-Switch over to ebooks from paper magazines [as many as possible]
-Recheck documents before printing, so I don’t have to print drafts or re-print.
-Use both sides of pages. If printed only on one side, then use the other side[useful for doing rough calculations/math problem practice] before sending away for recycling.

I have always been a savings kinnda guy & always try to my bit for the planet [ask my friends! I am always bugging them about water/electricity wastage :)],
so putting the above pledges into practice should be easy.

If you are reading this then you too should think of ways you can save paper/water/electricity. Put them in comments…or better still, here

Republic day 2009

Today India celebrates her 59th Republic day. This day has always been important, but taking into consideration, events of the recent past, more so now than ever.
Lets start afresh, with a positive attitude & work together for the betterment of our country.

Jai Hind

P.S-Post regarding the Matheran trip up very soon

Har Har Mahadev-an…Shankar Mahadevan!!

TOI has started “Times Pune Festival” featuring a number of cultural programs as in live performance by various artists [Shankar Mahadevan, Wadali Brothers, Hariharan, Shivani Kashyap,Pandit Jasraj,Pentagram], plays [Wedding Album,Tumhari Amrita], cooking classes in various upscale hotels & many other fun activities from 17th-25th Jan,09. Yesterday, my room-mates & I went to the live performance of Shankar Mahadevan at SSPMS ground & returned completely satiated.

I had already taken the passes from the TOI office as soon as they had come out…the good news was that they were free :). The concert was from 7pm onwards & I was debating how early we [Raghav & me…Anuj & Hemant had classes & were supposed to arrive as soon they were free] should leave so as too have a good view & not have to wait too long for the concert to start. So we left at 6.30pm & were there by 6.50pm [No way was the concert going to start at 7….here everything runs on Indian Standard Time!!].

Reaching there was the easy part…getting all the way in on the bike, to the parking was frustrating. Traffic police was trying hard to keep the two way traffic moving in the one-lane-wide road. Adding to my nerves was the fact that the line to the entrance gate was over a kilometer long & no I am not exaggerating[checked my milometer!]. After navigating through absolute chaos, swearing at the guy in the red santro [he got out in the middle of the road & said isse aage nahi jayenge!! Wanted to thump him on the head :(], managing not to fall into the big khaddas & not skidding out of control on the loose gravel that was sprinkled about I finally managed to find a place & park.

Thankfully there were multiple entrances to the ground & we got in pretty quick once we were in que [though not before trying to barge our way in, in true hindustani fashion! :)…the security guards were alert though & told us that there was a que]. Inside I was dismayed to see that the place seemed to be half full already, but it turned out that a portion was barricaded for VIP’s…yup the front rows. The concert had not started yet [as predicted :)] & we started to scout for a good position to get a proper view. Being below the national average in height most of the ppl were taller than us…one of the rare times I cursed my luck for being short [I curse my luck a lot but not for my height :)…there are worse things out there!!].There were ample number of screens in the ground, but agar screen par hi dekhna tha toh could have downloaded the whole show on the net, live show ka maza toh stage se hi milega!. Kismat se I found a little mound…it was high enough[a couple of inches ]so that we could just see over the tops of the ppl infront of us. We could only have seen something if we were right next to the barricade, or a little higher. Since the barricade was already teetering with the weight of the ppl on it, we decided to stay on the mound. Again, thankfully, the VIP’s were seated, so we only had a couple of heads to look over. Throughout the jumping/jostling I never gave up my “perch”.

The concert started at 7.20, beginning with a couple of dance performances by the Asterix group, building the anticipation. Finally Shankar made his way on stage…sendind the crowd into a tizzy. He opened with the title track of “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” [with us jhooming along ]& followed it up with “Dil Chahta Hai”[The audience sang 25% of the song!]. Kudos to Shankar on his performance & his skills as an entertainer. He constantly roped in the audience, encouraging them to match him, joking around, always taking asking for more enthusiasm,dedicating”Pretty Woman” from “Kal Ho Na Ho” to all the pretty women of pune…*applaudes*. He unleashed his whole arsenal of tricks, manipulating the music, touching extraordinary crescendos, switched from bollywood to classical effortlessly & at one time engaging the audience in a musical duel, making us want more.
The audience response probably spurred him on & we were not complaining!! We sang till we were hoarse, & the singing became more of yelling, danced till our legs became numb & ucchal uchaal kar bhoochal le aai!!

Along with him there were other singers/budding artists who also gave a fantastic performances.Akriti sang “Johnny Gaddar” and “Sajna Pe Vaari Vaari” from “Honeymoon Travels”. The dancing troupe that shook a leg [& a lot more!!] to his rhythmic voice was inthralling, with precise co-ordination producing beautiful dance forms. There were 3 other artists from various talent hunt shows also shared the stage with Shankar & were quite entertaining.


(Credit for embedded pics:Aparna Subramanian)

Nearing the end, “Aaj Ki Raat” was sung by Akriti, Anusha and Mahadevan.The concert concluded, fittingly, with him performing “Breathless”…& we were exactly that:Breathless

Songs that made the audience go wild
-Don: He asked the audience to sing the line “mujko pechcaan lo…” & we responded with gusto!
-“Mitwa” “from Kabhi Alvida Na”: We were to sing the Mitwa in the chorus. Though barely in tune, we stepped up to the challenge!
-“Ma” from “Taare Zameen Par”: Emotions ran high in this tearjerker..
-“Kajrare”: Almost everybody was up on their feet dancing!
-“Pichle Saat Dino mein”:Everybody became a rockstar in this track…

At first tried I to record vids of the performance, but like a fool having a forgotten my camera at home, all we had were our cell phones. The distance & the darkness prohibited any good photography/Videography. In the end I made a sound recording of some of the songs.
Here they are:

  1. Mast Kalandar & music sync.mp3“>Challenging the musicians & peforming “Mast Kalandar” from “Heyy baby”
  2. party tonight.mp3“>”Where’s the party tonight” from “KANK”
  3. Kajarare.mp3“>”Kajrare” from Bunty & Bubli
  4. Pichle Saat Dinon Mein.mp3“>”Pichle Saat Dinon Mein” from “Rock On”
  5. Breathless.mp3“>”Breathless”

The pictures are not something to brag about, but ab photo kheeche hain toh dikhainge kyon nahi?!

Concert Photos
if the above link does not work try this:Photos

The concert lasted for 3 hrs…though we were standing the whole time, the music never let us feel tired. Kood Kood kar paseene mein bheeg gai they, par khoob maza aaya. Once the concert was over, then bhook & pyaas hit us…hard. The last meal we had eaten was at 2pm, so we went to JM & had dinner at Shiv Sagar[ Thoda zyada hi kha liya ;)]
Reached home at 12, completely beat, but as I had said before, fully satiated.

We are probably going to Hariharan’s performance on the 24th.

Till later ✌

Slumdog Millionaire

First thing:Today is Vicky Bhayia’s Bday. He is a fantastic person & has always been a role model for me.Bhayia, thank you for everything!…Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday. Have fun πŸ™‚

Just finished watching the movie. Though technically its not a bollywood movie, it certainly felt like one…I give it 4 on 5. Love how Jamaal & Salim grow up together & how cheekily they earn their living. If watching the charchter playing the kid Jamal was fun[Getting Big B’s autograph! does Big B sign with his left hand? He did in this movie ;)], the adolescent Jamaal was even better [Taj Mahal tour…hilarious!! He is the polio-struck friend of Ishaan in “Taare Zameen Par”]. The whole movie was full of ironies…the misfortunes he had faced help him in the show, the name of the third musketeer being asked & so many others.

Has won the following Golden Globes.Also another 23 wins & 24 nominations:
Best Director – Motion Picture-Danny Boyle
Best Motion Picture – Drama
Best Original Score – Motion Picture-A.R. Rahman *applaudes*
Best Screenplay – Motion Picture-Simon Beaufoy

Overall a good watch & I would go so far as to recommend it for for the theatre :)…Wait for 29th January [release date in India]
Switching to other topic:Roadies 6.0

IT WAS REALLY UNFAIR THE WAY RAGHU DIVIDED THE CONTESTEANTS INTO “SAFE” & “UNSAFE”….HOW CAN PAULAMI BE SAFE!![ Quoting her from the audition”Arre, Baba Soo heavy na!!”] So much for being “task focused”. Even after that…the green team wins, according to Raghu & Ranvijay, they have “proved” themselves & are “Roadies”. Fine, so they all are the same….chalo badhiya hai. THEN WHY MUST THE ELIMINATIONS BE DONE AMONGST THEM ONLY? SINCE THEY HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES, THE VOTE OUT SHOULD BE OPEN [i.e anybody can be voted against].
the arbitrary decisions being taken…as it is halfway through the show, all we have is mediocrity, how is this supposed to help? DUMB that’s what it is.

Lets see how Roadies 6.0 fares as compared to 5.0[which was a complete disaster]

Veloma…till next time

Make Mo-ffins while the sun shines!

Finally, sunshine!! β˜€

It has been 4 dreary days of fog & chill…could’nt get my feet warm! I think the sun cheered us up & pumped up our mood…so we ended up cooking & I love its last step. No not the food, well yeah, but not as much as EATING!

Inspired from from subway sandwiches, I had bought Buns,Mayo,Lettuce,salami,sausages etc. Some of the sausage & salami was left over. We minced it, added peas, carrots & cooked it. Then came the belna the dough, filling it with the mince meat & sealing it.

Putting in the cooking thingie

On the gas…

Almost ready!!

It was done in 30 mins…& tasted fantabulous! *mouth watering*
Next up on the menu was “Blueberry Muffin”
Shivani dear sent mummy the recipe & mum had brought the ingredients from mamu’s place.

Made the batter, smoothed the granules, added the blueberries…

In the oven….can you see the muffin rising?


Fluffy & soft!The aroma was indescribable…I wish I could be captured. I kept one muffin just to smell it!!
Can you see jelly waiting & hoping for a bite!

Interesting day you would say πŸ˜‰

Bis dann… ✌

The Music of Winter

Winter has hit the gangetic plain with vengeance…today is…well, freezing. With snowfall in the himalayas, we are as the weather experts put it “under a cold wave”[It was 4.5 ℃]. But hey, I have no complaints! [Whoa! just felt the hate of the ppl sitting at airports, praying for the fog to lift πŸ™‚ ] This spell at least caused us to bring out the load of warm clothes we seem to hoard for these situations.
Well, so after being covered under three layers of clothes, huddling under a blanket & warming my sock covered feet in the warmth of the heater, here I am pecking away on my lappy…sorry…make that maccy πŸ™‚ [with gloved hands of course!]

Lets just hope the foggy conditions dissipate around 9th, if not, then it will be me on the receiving end as I am leaving for pune. *fingers crossed*

Gotten new songs in 2009…well only some are actally “new” [released in dec. 2008]…the rest are just new to me
1.All American Rejects-When the world comes down.
-I wanna
-Fallin Apart
-Gives you hell
-Real World
-Another Heart Calls
-Real World

-Right Now (Na Na)
….still listening to the others

3.Guns ‘n’ Roses-Chinese Democracy
-Chinese Democracy

4.Music of Scrubs:

“Where do you go” by “Sister Hazel” of “Absolutely”
“100 Years” by “Five for Fighting” of “The Battle of Everything”
“She is” by “The Fray” of “How to Save a Life”
“Human” by “John MacLaughlin” of “Indiana”
Turn” by “Travis” of “The Man who”
“All of the words” by “Kutless” of “Strong Tower”
“A Bad Dream” by “Keane” of “Under the Sea”
“Hey Julie” by “Fountains of Wayne” of “Welcome Interstate Managers”

Finally watched all the episodes of scrubs & found them to be fantastic. It is the show that comes second only to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So many
lessons can be learnt from the summing up JD does at the end of each episode…& the songs are acutely fitting. Brilliant.

“You’re beautiful” & “1973” by James Blunt
“Fearless” & “Love Story” by Taylor Swift
“Soniyoo” & “Maahi” from “Raaz 2”
“Behka” from “Ghajini”

More later…Β  ✌

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