The Music of Winter

Winter has hit the gangetic plain with vengeance…today is…well, freezing. With snowfall in the himalayas, we are as the weather experts put it “under a cold wave”[It was 4.5 ℃]. But hey, I have no complaints! [Whoa! just felt the hate of the ppl sitting at airports, praying for the fog to lift 🙂 ] This spell at least caused us to bring out the load of warm clothes we seem to hoard for these situations.
Well, so after being covered under three layers of clothes, huddling under a blanket & warming my sock covered feet in the warmth of the heater, here I am pecking away on my lappy…sorry…make that maccy 🙂 [with gloved hands of course!]

Lets just hope the foggy conditions dissipate around 9th, if not, then it will be me on the receiving end as I am leaving for pune. *fingers crossed*

Gotten new songs in 2009…well only some are actally “new” [released in dec. 2008]…the rest are just new to me
1.All American Rejects-When the world comes down.
-I wanna
-Fallin Apart
-Gives you hell
-Real World
-Another Heart Calls
-Real World

-Right Now (Na Na)
….still listening to the others

3.Guns ‘n’ Roses-Chinese Democracy
-Chinese Democracy

4.Music of Scrubs:

“Where do you go” by “Sister Hazel” of “Absolutely”
“100 Years” by “Five for Fighting” of “The Battle of Everything”
“She is” by “The Fray” of “How to Save a Life”
“Human” by “John MacLaughlin” of “Indiana”
Turn” by “Travis” of “The Man who”
“All of the words” by “Kutless” of “Strong Tower”
“A Bad Dream” by “Keane” of “Under the Sea”
“Hey Julie” by “Fountains of Wayne” of “Welcome Interstate Managers”

Finally watched all the episodes of scrubs & found them to be fantastic. It is the show that comes second only to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So many
lessons can be learnt from the summing up JD does at the end of each episode…& the songs are acutely fitting. Brilliant.

“You’re beautiful” & “1973” by James Blunt
“Fearless” & “Love Story” by Taylor Swift
“Soniyoo” & “Maahi” from “Raaz 2”
“Behka” from “Ghajini”

More later… 


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