Make Mo-ffins while the sun shines!

Finally, sunshine!! ā˜€

It has been 4 dreary days of fog & chill…could’nt get my feet warm! I think the sun cheered us up & pumped up our mood…so we ended up cooking & I love its last step. No not the food, well yeah, but not as much as EATING!

Inspired from from subway sandwiches, I had bought Buns,Mayo,Lettuce,salami,sausages etc. Some of the sausage & salami was left over. We minced it, added peas, carrots & cooked it. Then came the belna the dough, filling it with the mince meat & sealing it.

Putting in the cooking thingie

On the gas…

Almost ready!!

It was done in 30 mins…& tasted fantabulous! *mouth watering*
Next up on the menu was “Blueberry Muffin”
Shivani dear sent mummy the recipe & mum had brought the ingredients from mamu’s place.

Made the batter, smoothed the granules, added the blueberries…

In the oven….can you see the muffin rising?


Fluffy & soft!The aroma was indescribable…I wish I could be captured. I kept one muffin just to smell it!!
Can you see jelly waiting & hoping for a bite!

Interesting day you would say šŸ˜‰

Bis dann… āœŒ


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