Slumdog Millionaire

First thing:Today is Vicky Bhayia’s Bday. He is a fantastic person & has always been a role model for me.Bhayia, thank you for everything!…Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday. Have fun 🙂

Just finished watching the movie. Though technically its not a bollywood movie, it certainly felt like one…I give it 4 on 5. Love how Jamaal & Salim grow up together & how cheekily they earn their living. If watching the charchter playing the kid Jamal was fun[Getting Big B’s autograph! does Big B sign with his left hand? He did in this movie ;)], the adolescent Jamaal was even better [Taj Mahal tour…hilarious!! He is the polio-struck friend of Ishaan in “Taare Zameen Par”]. The whole movie was full of ironies…the misfortunes he had faced help him in the show, the name of the third musketeer being asked & so many others.

Has won the following Golden Globes.Also another 23 wins & 24 nominations:
Best Director – Motion Picture-Danny Boyle
Best Motion Picture – Drama
Best Original Score – Motion Picture-A.R. Rahman *applaudes*
Best Screenplay – Motion Picture-Simon Beaufoy

Overall a good watch & I would go so far as to recommend it for for the theatre :)…Wait for 29th January [release date in India]
Switching to other topic:Roadies 6.0

IT WAS REALLY UNFAIR THE WAY RAGHU DIVIDED THE CONTESTEANTS INTO “SAFE” & “UNSAFE”….HOW CAN PAULAMI BE SAFE!![ Quoting her from the audition”Arre, Baba Soo heavy na!!”] So much for being “task focused”. Even after that…the green team wins, according to Raghu & Ranvijay, they have “proved” themselves & are “Roadies”. Fine, so they all are the same….chalo badhiya hai. THEN WHY MUST THE ELIMINATIONS BE DONE AMONGST THEM ONLY? SINCE THEY HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES, THE VOTE OUT SHOULD BE OPEN [i.e anybody can be voted against].
the arbitrary decisions being taken…as it is halfway through the show, all we have is mediocrity, how is this supposed to help? DUMB that’s what it is.

Lets see how Roadies 6.0 fares as compared to 5.0[which was a complete disaster]

Veloma…till next time


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