A pledge for the envoirnment

New year resolutions may have been broken, but here are some promises that I am sure to follow

-Stop wasting paper by making rough notes on them, instead use my Mac…I’m front of it anyway so why not use that?
-Switch over to ebooks from paper magazines [as many as possible]
-Recheck documents before printing, so I don’t have to print drafts or re-print.
-Use both sides of pages. If printed only on one side, then use the other side[useful for doing rough calculations/math problem practice] before sending away for recycling.

I have always been a savings kinnda guy & always try to my bit for the planet [ask my friends! I am always bugging them about water/electricity wastage :)],
so putting the above pledges into practice should be easy.

If you are reading this then you too should think of ways you can save paper/water/electricity. Put them in comments…or better still, here


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