Let the moral policing be….

I think it was the day before yesterday that I read about the incident in Mangalore….you know…young guys & girls in a pub, beaten up by the thugs of “Sri Ram Sene”. I have nothing to say about these closed minded, out-of-sync, bumbling numbnuts. What they did was wrong, no matter which perspective you look at it with. What amazes me is the comment & the attitude of the CM of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa. Him agreeing with the goons’ ideology is not at all becoming for a CM. Let me make it clear, he did not agree with the violence perpetuated by the SRS boneheads & has said that they will be brought to book. But what he did say was that the pubs etc. are corrupting the youth & destroying our culture.

Would people please just lay OFF trying to be moral custodians of the entire country???

Disturbingly the CM of Rajasthan, Mr Ashok Gehlot has also come out with the following statement-“I want to end the pub & mall culture where young boys & girls roam about hand in hand…not the culture of Rajasthan”. Well sir, neither is eating non-veg food or listening to rock music. Maybe you would like to convert all the restaurants & ban the concerts..eh? And what does mall have anything to do with any of it! Maybe its just your name Mr.Zealot…sorry…Mr. Gehlot

What is with people trying to push their brand of morality down other people’s throat? Are we not capable of making choices on or own? As far as I am concerned, I should be provided with all the options & I decide what I want to do. People who drink in pubs or go to discos also respect the traditions of Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja equally, if not more. I would rather have them as my friends than the SRS gundas, who are probably abusive drinkers in their private lives & take it out on their families.

Globalization brings in change, some bad, but mostly good. You want to crack down on stuff that our traditions do not allow? How about cracking down on the leaders of various extremists outfits like MNS, Shiv Sena, SRS, who promote violence against the public?
It has become something of a fashion to brand anything that the young do as anti-traditional/offence to the bhartiya sabhayta. And such close-minded statements coming from CM certainly does not bode well for our country.


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