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Delhi 6…yeah right, more like “Delhi zero”


Saw this movie today & I am putting this with all those other worst movies ever made[Babul, Saawan etc.]. Forget the acting…first comes the story, & this movie is simply INCOHERENT. You NEED to have a main plot to base a movie on…this movie absolutely does not.

You might be watching the gallis of Delhi now, switch over to news of Kaala Bandar next, jump on household spats & then land up in the nukkad ki Ramlila [which for some reason has a lot of special effects, with Hanumaan/rakshas flying all over]. Any three consecutive shots have NO link between them whatsoever & you are left wondering what is being trying to be told, what you should focus on…An emotionally charged scene might be followed a completely mind numbing display on filmy Indian-nes, that will leave you scratching your head. To add to the confusion you have random shots of Delhi with some weird music playing the background [come to think of it some crappy music/singing is always going on], trying to justify the movie title.It seems that some videos were shot haphazardly, scotch-taped together randomly & released. Like yeh lo movie. Jumbled words hote hain na? Waisa hai….dekho aur suljhao !

Movie Starts:
My mind working:
Ok…Grandma going to India to recover [though all she talks about is death ]
nope,hmm…phorenized pota will hear his motherland calling & “Swades” follows
Nah…seems to be some Kaala Bandar running amuck…err no.
Cow giving birth, in the middle of the street & the ppl have managed to decorate it!….Civil liberties, untouchables?

Mid Movie:
Still working on the figuring:
Bharat Bhraman? Romance? You see Dilli ki Galli..”Incredible Delhi” Ad? NO…Motorola Ad! fighting in the family [Ekta Kapoor!]? Wrong again!..Maybe Indian culture?
Some more Ramlila…

Movie Ends:
Independent daughter?…Aah Hindu Muslim jhagda! [that is localised to only this mohalla],Pyaar ho gaya? Big B?
Kala Bandar gone after creating all the confusion in this galli?
Ramlila Again?!
If you wondering…No, still not figured out anything & have stopped thinking about it altogether. The only positive thing in the movie is the presence of Sonam Kapoor. She is looking nice & atleast you can see her [unlike saawariya, the city seemed to be under Tamraaj Kilvish-Andhera Kayam rahe!]

If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor & keep it that way


Cena’s Top 10: Feb’09 Week 3

Its Sunday… as promised, here is this week’s top 10:


1.Gone Forever-Three Days Grace
2.Believe-Breaking Benjamin
3.Life is Beautiful – Vega 4
4.Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
5.Right Now-Akon
6.Come To Life-Alter Bridge
7.Rock & Roll Queen-The Subways
8.Move Along-All American Rejects
9.In My Place-Coldplay
10.Emosanal Attyachaar[Rock version]-Dev D

Last weeks Top 10

Changeling-Movie Review

First of all, a couple of birthday wishes. Two very special ppl have their birthdays today, my pyaari little sister Shivani & dear friend Shradha.
Wish you both a very Happy Birthday, & God bless.

…let the candles continue forever!
Enjoy & have a rollicking day! *MUAAH* πŸ˜€



Genre:Crime | Drama | History | Mystery
Cast:Angelina Jolie, Gattlin Griffith, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan, Colm Feore, Amy Ryan, Michael Kelly, Jason Butler Harner
Director:Clint Eastwood
Tagline:To find her son, she did what no one else dared.
Release Date:31 October 2008(USA)

I saw this movie today & it was heart wrenching to say the least.

Jolie is has portrayed a very de-glamourised role & has done some pretty good work. The movie starts off simply, showing the life of a mother & child in the late 20’s. The movie progresses quickly to the main theme & Angelina [Christine] does a credible job as a distraught mother, waiting for news & apprehensive about the offing. The movie really becomes interesting upon the return of her “son”. As it is based on a true story it seems even more disturbing. We come to see the face of an obstinate police officer representing the LAPD…a police department embroiled in many illegal acts, facing a serious image & trust fallout with the public. An officer, who will go to any lengths to prove Christine wrong so as to protect his as well his departments reputation. It is scary because there is a complete violation of all fundamental rights of a person, just because they ask a public servant to do their duty. You see doctors stating reduction in height as completely normal, civic liberties going for a toss & hospitals become torture chambers to “re-educate” the troublemakers.

The performances by all the actors are extremely convincing. You will hate the cops, the doctor & the others incharge. You will feel the pain & the helplessness of Christine as well as her well-wishers. Finally when Christine is vindicated, so are you. You applaud her courage to stand up to odds that had always been against her & come out victorious.


A must watch.


Cena’s Top 10: Feb’09 Week 2

Being a music addict [refer to: 25 things you may not know about me] I have LOADs of songs…With me always plugged into my iPod, ppl keep asking me about amy favorite song/artist/band. I have a hard time answering these questions as I love all my songs. To help me sort out my favorite, I have decided top put down the “Top 10 Most Played” every week. This should answer all the questions & also give me some perspective.

Cena’s TOP 10: Feb’09 Week 2
1.Life is Beautiful – Vega 4
2.Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
3.Ultraviolet – Stiff Dylans
4.Ye Zingagi Bhi – Luck By Chance
5.Jai Ho-Slumdog Millionaire
6.Bad Dream – Keane
7.Highway to Hell – AC/DC
9.Fix You – Coldplay
8.Best of me – Sum 41
10.Kaisa ye Raaz Hai – Raaz

Remember…this has NOTHING at all to do with all the other Top 10s out there…its my favs for the past week. This will probably change in the next seven days.

Feel free to tell me about bands/songs that are good
[preference-Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Acoustic-Piano Rock/pop, No Punjabi!]

Choki Dhani

It was Raghav’s Bday on the 7th & as a Birthday treat he took us [Anuj, Hemant, Anshu & Me] to Choki Dhani [the pune one]. I don’t know why it took us so long to figure out, but now we realise that instead of going to some swanky/hip eatout [where we end up eating the same stuff anyway that costs a ridiculous amount & tastes even more ridiculous! ] it’s much better to head off somewhere, sightsee & have fun. So for Heman & my treat we went to Matheran, & now to Choki Dhani.

How To get there: Get on Bund Garden Rd[Le Meridian], keep on it till you come to the T-junction after the Pune Central. Take a left, go over the bridge & at the end of the bridge turn right [follow the signs leading to the Airport]. This is highway kind stretch, & a quite long one. Keep heading straight for about 10 kms, then there is a right turn onto a dirt road, inclining down. Follow it to reach CD. Its 25 Kms max from Kothrud to CD, the whole trip was about 45 kms.

The entry is worth Rs. 300, which includes dinner, pass to various folk dances/activites, & 5 coupons per person to use for paid activities [games like bulls eye, rides etc.]

Random notes on visit:
-You are welcomed with a cheery “Ram Ram Sa!” & a tika is put on your head

-As we entered, we saw stalls of Kachori chat, Chana , Pakodis, Jaleera. Sampled all, Mouth watering…*slurp* πŸ™‚
– A large gong was hung to one side…we all took shots at it… GONG !!
-There was a jyotishi [fortune-teller], tried our luck there….Anshu’s was the most promising. Chinta mat karo Anshu bhai, nazreein mil jayengi πŸ˜‰
-Right above him was a lady making “Bajre ki roti”. There was a huge que so we deemed it important enough to taste. They were fresh from the choolah & was served with some lahsun ki chutney [Garlic chutney] & sprinkled with gudh[jaggery]. They were heavenly!! The gudh made them indescribable…


-The others tried a head massage…it was all in the entry fee! I had a look around…spotted various animals pulling carts/bagghis. Saw a camel & it was promptly added on the to-do list!
-Played bull’e eye using teer-dhanush [bow & arrow], only Hemant hit it!

-Saw some stunning performances…a dancing flame spitter, a daredevil tightrope walker.


-Drank some sugarcane juice…wanted to eat some icegola, but saved that for dessert.
-Dinner for our group was at 9:15. Reached there to see a looong line.
-Got to sit in a nice cosy place….away from the entrance.
-Food was served in Pattals [leaf plates]
-Some meal it was…this is what is a meal fit for kings.
-We were given padis, which made us feel like Kings πŸ˜€


-Salads, various pickels/chutneys. Dal, Kadhi, Methi ki Subzi, Gatte Ki Subzi. Makke ki roti, daal baati, choorma, khichdi with ghee shakkar, rice,jalebi, papad. All unlimited!
-The servers were complete fun. They joked with us, made fun cnversation & treated us like their own. At the end of the meal, each of them personally fed us 2 jalebis each! Loved their hospitality.You guys made of visit even more special πŸ™‚

-Next up was the camel ride…we all took a ride. I rode solo…mere saath koi aur chalta toh ooth bhi tension mein aa jata! Itna khane ke baad wazan toh air bhi badh gaya tha πŸ˜‰

The camel was named “Babloo” & was 30 yrs old. Riding on him was fun…way more comfortable than riding ponies [Matheran trip]!!
-Tried our hands at pottery…was really nice. Loved watching the mud turn into vessels!


-Got Tattooed…not really. They were painted on….all except anshu got them..Looks cool!


By now it was 11pm. It might seem as if we did not do much, but in 4 hrs we covered everything. And very leisurely…there were many chaarpais etc. so we lay down, took dozens of photos & had a blast. It was like a mela with the right amount off ppl so you don’t feel stifled. This is definitely one place everyone in pune should go to, atleast once.

An amazing experience.

25 things you may not know about me

I have been tagged, so here goes…

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I have been wearing specs since the age of 4…no wonder that I’m so comfortable with them, I wear them even when I sleeping πŸ™‚ [not one has broken *touch wood*]

2. My name has been changed 4 times! [Before you let your imagination run wild, I would like to state that all of it was done for astrological purposes]

3. I wasn’t always plump…mum said she had to force feed me as I looked like I would drop dead due to starvation! Aahhh…wish those days would come back, then ppl would not keep prodding me to be more active.[use Newton’s first Law! Big guy…larger inertia!!]

4. I have unusually small feet, but unlike Joey [of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame] I’m don’t feel weird about it at all πŸ˜‰

5. I could drive a 4 wheeler from the time I was in class 6 [thanks to Umeshji :)], but learnt to drive a 2 wheeler only in my second year ofΒ  college!

6. Love driving, be it car or bike. Best moments are the Mahabaleshwar trip last year & the trip to Matheran this year

7. I have completed my class 12 from Rasphil Academy, but always refer to La Martiniere College as my school.[studied there from class 6-10]

8. Music is a necessity. ppl may listen to it for entertainment, but I crave it. I have songs for any & all moments that encompassing every mood. Give me a situation & I have a song complimenting it! They give me an instant kick…infact I feel if I was allowed to give my exams with my ipod playing my songs, I would score way more!! [Yes…headphone are on as I write this with “Yeh Zindagi Bhi” from “Luck by chance” playing. ]

9. A fanatic for neatness. Get that from my mum. ANYTHING messy will get me all worked up and I will be useless for anything unless I tidy/clean that up, irrespective of whose mess it is![although living in the hostel did make me develop some self control. Otherwise I would have been cleaning day in & day out πŸ˜€ ]. Hate Entropy!!!

10. I keep my iPod with me whenever I go out. Even though I may not use it at all , you will see the earphones looped around my neck. I was called ‘the ipod guy’ in the first year of college!

11. LOVE movies. Can watch them anytime & for any amount of time! A 10 hour movie marathon is not a big deal for me[it’s only 4 movies :)]…ofcourse the choice of movies should be mine [Cant stand movies like Babul or Singh is King for even 30 mins ]

12. Avid reader. I feel it is one of the best means of passing time. And a very constructive one at that.

13. I am the oldest child from my maternal side. The literal Big Brother!

14. Since I can remember, holidays have meant Nana Nani. Be it my summer or winter vacaitons, I’d be in Patna with them. There I would meet Amar & Pappu Mamu [who used to take me books-an-eme, to choose my favorite cartoon πŸ™‚ , usually tom & jerry]. Even now, I am more relaxed there than at home…That place has been my holiday home.

15. Have only attended only 1 wedding until now [Mama Mami]. Here I see Anuj [roommate] going to atleast 3-4 wedding/engagements every semester!

16. Hate flats/apartments. Having always lived in bungalows, flats seems stifling & impersonal

17. From class 6 to class 10, I barely had 2 liters of cold drink. No,it was not enforced by anybody…was a personal choice.

18. In the last 3 months, I have been drinking 600ml of Cold drink, almost everyday [5 times a week atleast]….again, a personal choice πŸ˜€ [trying to control the craving these days]

19. My ankles are the most accident prone part of my body. I have around 8-9 crepe bandages at home, all from my various ankle injuries reused as & when required.

20. I used to part my hair on the left, I started parting it through the middle in Kota.

21. When I was in the UK, I worked as a paper boy & earned 80 pounds in 3 months. Bought myself a watch worth 12 pounds πŸ™‚

22. Biggest fear- Lizards [chipkilli] I am scared sick of them. And they seem to love jumping all over me 😦 This one time [Papa was posted in Faizabad] we were sitting outside around a long table. Papa & I were sitting at opp. ends of it. A chipkilli fell from the ceiling [a very common occurrence, jelly, my dog, had a blast chasing them all over πŸ˜€ ] at papa’s end. The little devil came running over to me & jumped on!!! It could have jumped any where, but it ran across the whole length & choose me…uuggh

23. Fav colour is blue. My bike ,my ipod , my room in lucknow are blue. Most of my clothes are in shade of blue!

24. I love getting up early in the morning, with everybody else sleeping, make myself some tea/coffee & listen to some soft music & just let my mind wander. It makes me feel very happy/content & I feel that anything is possible. On the flip side if someone is up before me, I become very irritated!

25. I am hardcore Non-vegetarian, but my roommates are all veggies!! So 99% of my meals are vegetarian, even when I go out 😦 [mostly with them…]. The advantage is that I have tried all sorts of veg dishes. Rule of thumb-Order the weirdest sounding dish on the menu, at the very least you will have some sort of surprise!

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