Cena’s Top 10: Feb’09 Week 2

Being a music addict [refer to: 25 things you may not know about me] I have LOADs of songs…With me always plugged into my iPod, ppl keep asking me about amy favorite song/artist/band. I have a hard time answering these questions as I love all my songs. To help me sort out my favorite, I have decided top put down the “Top 10 Most Played” every week. This should answer all the questions & also give me some perspective.

Cena’s TOP 10: Feb’09 Week 2
1.Life is Beautiful – Vega 4
2.Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
3.Ultraviolet – Stiff Dylans
4.Ye Zingagi Bhi – Luck By Chance
5.Jai Ho-Slumdog Millionaire
6.Bad Dream – Keane
7.Highway to Hell – AC/DC
9.Fix You – Coldplay
8.Best of me – Sum 41
10.Kaisa ye Raaz Hai – Raaz

Remember…this has NOTHING at all to do with all the other Top 10s out there…its my favs for the past week. This will probably change in the next seven days.

Feel free to tell me about bands/songs that are good
[preference-Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Acoustic-Piano Rock/pop, No Punjabi!]


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