Delhi 6…yeah right, more like “Delhi zero”


Saw this movie today & I am putting this with all those other worst movies ever made[Babul, Saawan etc.]. Forget the acting…first comes the story, & this movie is simply INCOHERENT. You NEED to have a main plot to base a movie on…this movie absolutely does not.

You might be watching the gallis of Delhi now, switch over to news of Kaala Bandar next, jump on household spats & then land up in the nukkad ki Ramlila [which for some reason has a lot of special effects, with Hanumaan/rakshas flying all over]. Any three consecutive shots have NO link between them whatsoever & you are left wondering what is being trying to be told, what you should focus on…An emotionally charged scene might be followed a completely mind numbing display on filmy Indian-nes, that will leave you scratching your head. To add to the confusion you have random shots of Delhi with some weird music playing the background [come to think of it some crappy music/singing is always going on], trying to justify the movie title.It seems that some videos were shot haphazardly, scotch-taped together randomly & released. Like yeh lo movie. Jumbled words hote hain na? Waisa hai….dekho aur suljhao !

Movie Starts:
My mind working:
Ok…Grandma going to India to recover [though all she talks about is death ]
nope,hmm…phorenized pota will hear his motherland calling & “Swades” follows
Nah…seems to be some Kaala Bandar running amuck…err no.
Cow giving birth, in the middle of the street & the ppl have managed to decorate it!….Civil liberties, untouchables?

Mid Movie:
Still working on the figuring:
Bharat Bhraman? Romance? You see Dilli ki Galli..”Incredible Delhi” Ad? NO…Motorola Ad! fighting in the family [Ekta Kapoor!]? Wrong again!..Maybe Indian culture?
Some more Ramlila…

Movie Ends:
Independent daughter?…Aah Hindu Muslim jhagda! [that is localised to only this mohalla],Pyaar ho gaya? Big B?
Kala Bandar gone after creating all the confusion in this galli?
Ramlila Again?!
If you wondering…No, still not figured out anything & have stopped thinking about it altogether. The only positive thing in the movie is the presence of Sonam Kapoor. She is looking nice & atleast you can see her [unlike saawariya, the city seemed to be under Tamraaj Kilvish-Andhera Kayam rahe!]

If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor & keep it that way


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