Raves & Rants

cd_cover_ranting_opt1.What is up with the traffic in pune? I have had many close calls in the last couple of days [accidents & roadrage]. I have had ppl make U-turns suddenly without any indication on a one way road[I was right behind the guy & almost slammed into him]. I have been hit with a bunch of keys that were thrown from one edge of the road to another [so much for a nation that worships cricket…you can’t even get keys across a 15 foot wide road], TWICE in a period of three days. Why cant ppl who dont drive above 20 kmph stay to the left? The right lane is always for fast moving traffic. What is so hard to get about that?Here I am cruising along at 40-45 & suddenly I am forced to brake because some chick/aunty/uncle has decided to wear down their 2nd gear. I rarely get angry but when I miss a green traffic signal due to some other nincompoop, it me raving mad…thankfully my ipod helps me calm down. Then you have smoke belchers that cover you in carbon, making all your efforts to look good get a coating of grime. All vehicles over 1 tear old are supposed be issued with a PUC[Pollution Under Control] Certificate. Not having them entails a fine of Rs.100. By not having, I mean not having it on your person. Once Anuj got fined as he had forgotten the PUC at home,a mere 2 min walk from where we had been stopped. The jackass of a mamu did not even allow me to get it! Anyway how are these vehicles plying on the road. They are clearly polluting, hence cannot be issued the PUC certificate, hence illegal to be on the road.

2.Why is the weather all screwed up? It’s barely march & the sun can scorch your skin off. Seriously. Pune had this kind of weather around june/july. I mean come on, ppl have started using ACs here! Even lucknow is not that hot now!!

3.The water supply is as screwed up as the weather. For around 36 Hrs. we had no water supply.Uninformed cut. Right from the moring.Morning…I hope you are getting the meaning. Thankfully we had drinking water [in the water filter & the matka…no we do not have a fridge]. Dirty clothes & dishes piled up resulting in a testy cook & bai due to the increased workload the day after.Around a decade earlier, nani was posted in Jehanabad[Bihar]. There water used to come for 2 hrs. in the morning & 1hr in the afternoon & evening. Same for the electricity. Atleast there we knew what to expect. Here you are lulled into a false sense of security & as soon as you are complacentBAM, you are hit with the news of no water. Sneaky. I am not taking any chances. At any moment we have three buckets full & so are the water filter & the matka. I have a bad feeling about the water condition this summer.

4.Then you have the internet connection,one that is moody to the highest order. One minute I might be chatting with somebody, the next I am fiddling with the modem/the airport express & the settings to make the thing work. The increasing downtimes are getting me VERY irritated…Also now that we have 4 laptops [yes, hemant finally bought his…A Lenovo thinkpad-Y430-Rs.50,000. ]the 256 kbps feels very….you know...kam

5.Why can’t ppl clean their hands before touching my Mac?They know how hard I work to keep it white, still they muck it up. Wash up guys!

6.I am getting these painful pimples that hurt. Bad. And they seem to be playing a relay race. I handle one, & can feel another pushing up from under my skin.

[possibility of a sequel very high…2009 is not shaping out well]

Was listening to “Until the End” by “Breaking Benjamin” while writing this post. Click on link to listen.
Image:Paul OColmain


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