Raves & Rants-2

I did say there will probably be a sequel. Well here it is


7.The stupid hot weather has increased the running temperatures of my MacBook. Its getting hot now 😦

8.I got the 8th season of “Scrubs” a couple of days back & was psyched. It had been a long time since season 7 & was looking forward to watching it. Well I did watch it…& it was a complete disappointment. It had NOTHING of the old Scrubs…the plots were slow, story was meandering & the jokes were lackluster. They are saying that this might be the last season. I would rather have had it finish off at 7, atleast the memories would have been fond 😦

9.Why is the “Advani for PM” poster there on every site on the net?? Anywhere I go I see his pic…& it is always out of context[why would it be on hdwallpapers??]. Get him out :@

10.I am feeling drowsy these days…maybe it’s the heat, I don’t know, but in the afternoon a huge wave of drowsiness washes over me.

11.My hair has a mind of its own…Try as I might, a big chunk of it always forms a ‘C’ on the forehead. It ends up making me look stupid. Tried cutting it off, gels, creams to no avail. Sometimes I feel like going bald.


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