Cena’s Top 10: March’09 Week 2:unavailable


No top ten this week. Why? Well I was playing around with my iTunes collection today & …..If you are thinking I ended up deleting all my songs, then you are….wrong 🙂 Had something happened to my songs then this post would not have been such a calm one. You would have been reading the textual equivalent of “pulling out hair” & “headbanging”[ against the wall kind not Rock On]. Believe me…

It all started with me wanting to backup my Music Library on DVD’s…2 DVD’s would accommodate 8.6GB of music & my collection was statnding at 9.1 GB. Well I was sorting out the songs & saw that I had many songs encoded at 320kbps. Though I consider myself an audiophile of the highest order, my partial deafness due to my extreme audiophile-ness has rendered me incapable of differentiating between a 320 kbps & a 160-192 kbps song.[Before you start pointing fingers & start laughing YOU take a differentiation test….HAH I bet you too are going to do what I have, eh? ] Yes I can still make out if the song has a bitrate lower than 128 kbps…come on I am not complete goner…yet. So I decided to downgrade my song collection to 160 kbps. It took me around 45 mins & resulted in the following:

The Good:My iTunes library shrunk from 9 GB to 6.5 GB…Now a reduction of 2.5GB just by reducing the bitrate is, as Russell Peters would say, FUNTAASTIC & MINDBLAASTING!
The Bad:It was a time consuming process, & a processor consuming task. Also now that I am at 6.5 GB I dont to waste the space on the DVD…am waiting till my library expands to fit 2 DVD’s EXACTLY.
The Ugly:Since new files of 160kbps were created, their playcount was, again in R.Peter’s style: JEERO…& I had no option but to “take it & go” [you should be getting this if you are a Russell Peter’s Fan]

Now my Weekly top 10 playlist depends heavily on the playcount of my songs & with their nullification my Top 10 nullifies automatically. Well you will definitely be having a Top 10 on the coming sunday. Sorry for the screwup….


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