Reasons to party…no no just excuses!

In the last 3 months we [flatmates, some friends & me] have been a part of many parties…party here actually means ‘treats’. A couple of them were deserved, but the rest is pure tamasha! Here’s a list, go figure:
1.I was the first one to leave for home in the last sem. These guys took a treat from me for that!
2.Hemant was the last one to come back to pune this sem. We got a treat 🙂 [basically, hemant & I pooled in & gave the treat to Raghav & Anuj ]
3.Birthday: Hemant’s bithday is in Jan & so is mine. I was at home during my birthday[yay!], but the treat was due. This time instead of gorging on some expensive food we went on a daytrip to Matheran.
4.Birthday:Raghav’s birthday is in Feb, another treat. For this we went to Chokhi Dhani.
5.Raghav scored the highest in the flat. Result treat 🙂 Had dinner at Deccan Royaale [no not a spelling mistake, that’s how it was named]
6.Raghav’s parents got a new car:The New Honda City….gaadi dilli mein aai, par party pune mein hui!!
7.Hemant went home for holi. Since he had gone home, in the middle of the sem, we demanded a treat!
8.Anuj had gone to attend a marriage function during holi, so he too had to treat. Hemant & anuj gave a combined treat at shiv sagar.
9. Hemant has bought a laptop & is getting a blackberry as a free gift. As soon as the blackberry arrives…yep another party!
10.Raghav is going home for a week. On his return party hai!
11.Raghav’ s laptop has completed 2 yrs. Considering the life of a laptop to be 4yrs, raghav’s laptop is at its Golden Jubilee! Trying to get a party for this too :D. If he caves in then in another year it will be Platinum Jubilee 😉
12.Anuj repaired his laptop’s charger. That saved him around Rs. 3000. He had said he would treat me with a Cad B[not the’s a thick chocolate shake]

And It’s only been three months!So as you can see we don’t need a reason. Just an excuse 😀


One response to “Reasons to party…no no just excuses!

  1. Anshu May 17, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    Love this one !! 🙂

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