Tripping my way to delhi-1

I had applied for the US visa & had requested the interview date of 17th April as my cousin brother, Ranjan bhayia was getting engaged on the 19th & I planned to kill…err hit… two events with one trip. Well I got the date & was all set to leave for delhi.

Getting from pune to delhi was a major headache. A communication gap between me & the agent resulted in a cancellation of a confirmed AC ticket, leaving me without any means to get to delhi. And I came to know of this gaffe 12hrs before my supposed departure date! [I did not tell mum as she would go all hyper] Thankfully the agent got me a waitlist-ed ticket [WL 86!!] on the Jhelum Express that would atleast get me to Delhi. The next day I got to the station, caught hold of him again & he got the ticket confirmed. How, you ask?well let’s just call it “Indian Jugalbandi” 🙂

The journey was the most excruciating one I have endured. The mixup had gotten me a ticket in the sleeper coach, in the near peak of summer.In the block of 9 seats [yes, it was one of “those”…even the side berth had three, & I had to sleep in the middle :(] there were 15 ppl. Of them, 8 were aunties that were on their way to Vaishno Devi that screeched on top of their voices throughout. I had to use my Sony noise cancellation earphones to tune them out & prevent the onset of a headache. The heat was melting me, the air was too hot & no place to sit.All the water I was drinking was being sweated out & I was scared for my kidneys!! [After watching House MD, I am scared that something that I think to be very minor is going to land me the hospital. That TV show has made me do some crazy things, something that will soon write about ].The berth was very small & I was cramped throughout the night. One small consolation was that I had my friends iPod touch that provided me with some entertainment in the form of 3.5 movies [the battery ran out during the fourth]
I dont eat much during train journeys, having a phobia for using train loos. The aunties were concerned when I did not have any dinner, unfortunately for me they did not see me having breakfast & were adamant that I share their lunch with them. Now I know their intentions were noble but the food they were eating was just roti with various pickles. The rotis had become hard & dry, the pickels did not feel good in the heat. Sadly in India we have a habit of going overboard when trying to make a guest eat. Each aunty gave me 2 rotis, so I ended up with 16. As it is, I was not hungry, & even if I was, no way could I have eaten all of that. Somehow I managed to return most of the rotis, but still ended up eating 6 as it would have been impolite to leave it unfinished. They had to throw away the pickles [they had given me pickles as if they were subzi!]. Again I dont mean to be disrespectful but I had to stuff the food so as to not offend them, food that I did not like one bit [tasted like sandpaper :(]

Anyway,I was mighty glad to get to delhi when I did, which was at 10:30pm on the 16th. Went to the guest house where Mum & sis were.I was surprised to find that the place had an internet connection & a VERY good one :). Have a couple of torrents lined up for download!!

So here I am lying in a big bed, in an air-conditioned room & tapping away….
Visa interview in the morning, so off to sleep now


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