Roadies 6.0:Finale [Part 2]

Saw the Roadies 6.0 finals [part-2]today & I must say the conclusion was REALLY good. The whole show as such was nothing brilliant, but with the ending, it becomes pretty good.

Unlike the last Roadies final, this one was full of emotion, passion & the best part…only the deserving guys were in the finals, again, unlike the last Roadies [ come on!! Aashu & Nihaal? ughh *gags*]. Thankfully this time Raghu was fair enough to give the eliminated, but deserving roadies, another chance, esp. Sufi. I agreed with him that some good contestants had been eliminated, just due to his twists. The last chance was just. There was this speculation that Sufi had won & this unwittingly helped to add more twists in the already knotted game. Unfortunately, when the rumor spread the finals had not even been recorded!!

Naumaan had performed admirably in the last stages, enabling his survival. I don’t know why everybody was biased against him. Agreed, sometimes he did look like a sissy, but ridiculing him & not Palak[Gurmeet]? Why was everybody [the other roadies/ex-roadies] rooting for her? She was the one who swore, who hit & was in everybody’s face…the moment anybody retaliated she would burst into tears, causing Samraat to go “Main PAGAL ho jaaunga…”! I was jumping with joy when Raghu slammed her in the part-1 of the finals! She deserved every bit of it…And did anybody believe her “Respiratory Distress”  act when she stormed off & collapsed?? [The medical term is the result of watching too much “House MD” :)] Was jubilant when Palak was “chopped”. That chick [am being polite here…] was just:crap.Period.

Nauman & Kiri were both great. Both had been eliminated, but made their way back when given the chance. I was kind of cheering for Kiri…nice guy. Liked his open demeanor & apolitical stand throughout the game.
The final task was INTENSE. It had everything that a riveting final should have. I already knew the winner but even then I was tense & awaited the conclusion with bated breath. You must watch it to feel the thing. Superb.

Naumaan Sait is the winner of Roadies 6.0.The prize money finally stood at Rs.3,62,000.
HH Karizmas were given to:Naumaan, Kiri, Sufi, Samraat, Palak

Congrats to Naumaan on a well deserved victory!

I saw the results here: I loved how they stated the it!!
We Respect him:Kiri
Loser:Gurmeet! [Hah!]


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