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Updating:Leopard 10.5.7

Ok…got an HD to backup my music & important files, so will proceed to update from Leopard 10.5.6 to 10.5.7….*fingers crossed*


UPDATE:Everything went fine! Now running 10.5.7 😀


Can’t see much difference, but hey updates are updates!

P.S-Hemant & Raghav both have put Windows 7 RC in their respective lappies. Let’s see how it all goes



UPDATE:New change due to 10.5.7. Power Management reintroduced in the menubar[though I don’t know how much of a difference it makes if i switch to “Better Energy Savings”]. It was there in 10.5.5[you could change between different power modes:Better Energy,Normal,Better Performance,Custom just by clicking on the icon], got dumped in 10.5.6[you had to go into system preference>energy saver, to make changes]& is now back in 10.5.7. Power Menu Closeup

Power Menu


Dawdling Democracy:The Name’s Cong…King Cong


getimage-2-dll.jpegThe Result Table:

Picture 2

Putting all hoopla to rest, UPA has steamrolled the 14th Lok Sabha elections. Congress emerges as the single largest party…largest in the last 25 years! The exit polls had predicted a very close result, similar to 2004. The 3rd & 4th front were to have played a major part in the govt. formation. Thankfully UPA has enough to out maneuver anybody else. I was afraid of a patchwork govt. with heavy inclusion of the 3rd front. They have nothing in common to hold them together except to oppose UPA & NDA. Once that was done they would have no clue as to what to do. The whole thing would have soon come apart at the seam. Now, no sweat!! The 3rd front itself barely has enough, let alone it being the decider. It’s not that I am a Congress supporter…but I do not like the communal overtures of BJP. As they say:Lesser of the two evils…

Best thingies of this verdict:

-Loved to see the ego-inflated “Kingmakers” get pricked.WOOSH…PHSsss 😀

-UPA will be the dominant partner in any coalition.

-Commies get the long coming round-house punch…right on the nose. Reduced to nothingness. No more WB & Kerela. VERY satisfying.


-Congress rises up again in UP. Unforeseen & unexpected, it is desirable due to a lot of reasons. It has brought a very much needed reality check to Mayawati’s regime. After her win, she has gone, to put it simply, MAD. I mean what is up with the statues? And the parks? She has misconstrued her winning majority to mean that she can do whatever she wishes to. This set-back should bring things back into perspective for her. As for the her being the PM, please…the govt. that does make it happen won’t last longer than an orange candy in the summer heat of Lucknow.

-Laalu & Paswan fall…As Walter would say [Jeff Dunham’s show]”dumasses”

-Hinduvata may finally be laid to rest. How can anybody in their right minds use religious-hate as a political agenda?


-Goons like Mohd. Shahabuddin & Pappu Yadav contesting through proxies were beaten.

-Shashi Tharoor wins from Thiruvananthpuram. A deserving candidate. His presence in the parliament would be very heartening to see.

This elections saw the Indian Voter coming of age[for once I seem to agree with Shobha De!]. This time caste & religion have been given a backseat to stability & peace. NDA has played it’s Hinduvata card for over 10 years & should now realize that there is more to India that just the religion. With allies such as Shiv Sena [who “inspire” others like MNS] it propagates an image of instability & conflict. At a time such as this the economy needs stability, the hostile approach of NDA could have scared the voters.

The Left got knocked on the head with Didi’s shrill voice & lost the plot all over. Karat uncle watch Spiderman…With great power comes great resposibility. If a simple guy like Uncle Ben could get it, how hard could it be for you? Oh…sorry the movie is American :). Hmm, maybe you did watch it & since it is American you automatically went the other way,silly of you I must say. Diwali seems to have come early for India Inc. with the Left out of the equation.

Congress did not take the support of regional parties, UP being a case in point, in many parts of the country. Regional parties winning results in small thinking, the bigger picture is never taken a look at. This result will force many local leaders to think at a national level if they want to be counted.Picture 1

I am sorry to see L.K.Advani go. He is a good statesman & politician. But his platform for NDA had a negative vibe. After him I don’t know who is going to steer BJP. If it’s Modi then BJP will be a lot worse in the future. Modi may be hailed as CM, but he is nothing more than a blood thirsty Czar, ruling with an iron fist masked by new industries, a little digging is all that is required. For NDA to become a real alternative to UPA, they need to shed their religious extremism. How can a country progress when the leaders are creating unrest? In the opposition I hope they will be more productive & not vindictive. Right now they say they will respect the people’s mandate & be a responsible opposition, but they certainly have not done it in the past 5 years.

rahul-gandhi-2009-4-2-9-26-54.jpgRahul is being called the hero of the UP upset. He really did do a lot of work & his gamble paid off. I would like to see him join the cabinet to learn the ropes of the trade. This would be the metamorphosis that would present him as a viable PM candidate for the next elections. We need more ppl like him!!

With UPA having such huge margin, the govt. formed should be a stable one. They should choose their supporters with care, an honest & ideologically sound govt. is the need of the hour. The economic reforms that were being tripped up due the interference from the Left, should be passed. This govt. has a lot to live up to, they must not betray the trust of the ppl. Right now they have the power to take our country to the top.

To sum up, in the words of Swaminathan A Aiyer:

Bharat Shining,Congress Smiling, Left Whining!!

Jai Ho!

Images courtesy:STOI

Dawdling Democracy 2:Why Vote when you can Veto?


We all know it. The facade of polling to “choose” our leader will be over soon. We also know the result:Hung Parliament. Then it is upto the various parties to gather enough numbers to pass the muster & usher in the government.

What a buttload of crap 😦

Anybody can form the government. You need 272 seats, so go on the coalition spree! It all depends on how many ppl you can get & so we have “the independents” ,the “aadha darjan” parties, the so called “third front” & other opportunities who contest just so they can profit by the coalition fever. We will have a sarkar with people who might have abysmal numbers[& worse track records] & the party with the max numbers might have to back out just because no one want to get cosy with it. The party that lost will come into power with the association of ppl with dubious characters, some who would give you the heebee-jeebees just by crossing them on the street [ohhh…but after being elected why would they be out on the streets! They will be sitting in their palatial bungalows chewing paan]. They don’t have any ethics, all they see is the proverbial kursi & they just have to get to it. The “how” never enters their conscious, its “anyhow”.

How can we justify this? What is the use of our voting when the crappy losers end up ruling us anyway? We have people squabbling about making voting compulsory, all set with punishments if you don’t. Why should you have to go out, brave the sun & heat to be negated into nothingness? You vote to get someone in, but maybe now you need to vote to keep the nitwits out.

Unleash the power of VETO…

Ironical:Takea look at my previous post…seems like I keep swinging like a pendulum : Optimism-Pessimism-Optimism-Pessimism…

Image Source

Why the future belongs to India:GD

This article appeared in the Sunday Times Of India,10.5.09.
This article came at a time when I was contemplating the state of our country. It reminded me that there are always two sides to a coin. Here’s to putting an optimistic spin on things


Why The Future Belongs to India:Gurucharan Das

        In preparing for a much publicised debate in London on the motion ‘The future belongs to India, not China’, i was reminded of a conversation with my mother. She had asked, what is the difference between China growing at a rate of 10% and India at 8%? I replied that the difference was, indeed, very significant. If we were to grow at 10% we could save twenty years. This is almost a generation. We could lift a whole generation into the middle class twenty years sooner. She thought for a while and then said gently, “We have waited 3,000 years for this moment. Why don’t we wait another twenty and do it the Indian way?”  She had understood that the cost of democracy is the price the poor pay in the delay of their entry into the middle class. She did not elaborate the ‘Indian way’ but it must include taking a holiday on half a dozen New Year’s Days! It is easy to get mesmerized by China’s amazing progress and feel frustrated by India’s chaotic democracy, but i think she had expressed the sentiments of most Indians who will not trade off democracy for two per cent higher growth.
        In referring to the ‘Indian way’, my mother meant that a nation must be true to itself. Democracy comes easily to us because India has historically ‘accumulated’ its diverse groups who retain their distinctiveness while identifying themselves as Indian. China has ‘assimilated’ its people into a common, homogeneous Confucian society. China is a melting pot in which differences disappear while India is a salad bowl in which the constituents retain their identity. Hence, China has always been governed by a hierarchical, centralized state — a tradition that has carried into the present era of reform communism. China resembles a business corporation today. Each mayor and party secretary has objectives relating to investment, output and growth, which are aligned to national goals. Those who exceed their goals rise quickly. The main problem in running a country as a business is that many people get left out.
        India, on the other hand, can only manage itself by accommodating vocal and varied interest groups in its salad bowl. This leads to a million negotiations daily and we call this system ‘democracy’. It slows us down — we take five years to build a highway versus one in China. Those who are disgruntled go to court. But our politicians are forced to worry about abuses of human rights, whereas my search on Google on ‘human rights abuses in China’ yielded 47.8 million entries in 13 seconds! Democracies have a safety valve — it allows the disgruntled to let off steam before slowly co-opting them.
        Both India and China have accepted the capitalist road to prosperity. But capitalism is more comfortable in a democracy, which fosters entrepreneurs naturally. A state enterprise can never be as innovative or nimble and this is why the Chinese envy some of our private companies. Democracy respects property rights. As both nations urbanize, peasants in India are able to sell or borrow against their land, but the Chinese peasants are at the mercy of local party bosses. Because India has the rule of law, entrepreneurs can enforce contracts. If someone takes away your property in China, you have no recourse. Hence, it is the party bosses who are accumulating wealth in China. The rule of law slows us down but it also protects us (and our environment, as the NGOs have discovered).
        We take freedom for granted in India but it was not always so. When General Reginald Dyer opened fire in 1919 in Jallianwala Bagh, killing 379 people, Indians realised they could only have dignity when they were free from British rule. The massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989, where 300 students were killed, was China’s Jallianwala Bagh. China today may have become richer than India but the poorest Chinese yearns for the same freedom.
          Because the Indian state is inefficient, millions of entrepreneurs have stepped into the vacuum. When government schools fail, people start private schools in the slums, and the result is millions of ‘slumdog millionaires’. You cannot do this in China. Our free society forces us to solve our own problems, making us self-reliant. Hence, the Indian way is likely to be more enduring because the people have scripted India’s success while China’s state has crafted its success. This worries China’s leaders who ask, if India can become the world’s second fastest economy despite the state, what will happen when the Indian state begins to perform? India’s path may be slower but it is surer, and the Indian way of life is also more likely to survive. This is why when i am reborn i would prefer it to be in India.

Random Blah…

-Today we went to “Wonder Funkey”. Its kind of an Indian version of “Chucky Cheese” with all sorts of games for little children with an important addition:It has a Bowling Alley [otherwise, going to that place would be simply weird]. In pune, I think there are only two places that have bowling alleys, & to my knowledge this is the better one.                                                 dsc00858.jpg
Why we went there? For that I must rewind to around 4pm today:We were bored out of our minds. Why? Lets have another rewind to 2pm:All our laptops were dead & we were sweltering in the heat…why?…no, no more rewinds[a habit I picked from watching too much HIMYM…more on that later]:Electricity had gone off at around 10am, taking the water supply with it, & instead of coming back in the usual one hour, the cut continued endlessly. So we watched movies, played couple of games till our laptops gave up, sweated for 7 hours before deciding to get out & go somewhere. One problem:It was hot & going out would mean the sun. So to avoid heat decided to head off to WF & finally cross off bowling from our to-do list. Called Anshu, Soni, KD, Kunal. Unfortunately only Anshu agreed to join us. Got ready…a tough job, considering that we had only a bucketful of water & what we had to do required more than that!! Just before leaving Aashay dropped in & we coaxed him to come along. Left at 5:20pm.The whole bowling thing costed us Rs.120 for 1 game[20 shots] each. It was the first time we had bowled & it was fun, esp. since we were 6 ppl, competitionpana was nice.

dsc00855.jpg dsc00857.jpg
4th-me :(…followed by Anshu & Anuj

-Watching the following TV shows regularly:How I Met Your Mother, House MD, Scrubs. Fantastic shows. Today was the last episode of scrubs season 8 & possibly the last episode of the show. If the present cast will not be in the next season, then they should end it here itself. HIMYM is fun, esp. Stinson. His “Bro Codes” & pickup stories are awesome ;). House the megalomanic, tortured-torturing genius. Previous season had more medical mystery than soap opera. But as this season had more human elements/charachters soap-operaism was expected.

-The Auto rickshaw strike ended today with the RTA agreeing to keep the first kilometer charge at Rs.10, but thankfully they stood firm on the succesive distance being charged at Rs.7, brought down from Rs 9. Original fare:Rs.10 for first km, Rs.9 for successive. Proposed:Rs.8 for first km, Rs.7 for successive. For this the auto guys went on a surprise 6 day strike [obviously only the first day was the surprise day, rest was expected]. I think the RTA should not have backed down. If they can demand a hike in fares[Rs.8 for first km, Rs.6 for successive, this was raised to Rs.10 & Rs.9] when fuel prices rocketed off, we must have the right to demand a reduction when the price falls, shouldn’t we? Bloody goondaraj. As it is they take us for a ride, literally & figuratively,fleece us naked & then demand that prices stay up. Coming from the station to my place, would cost me around Rs.75 on the meter. But ask them & they bluntly tell you it will be Rs.150 + Rs.20 for my luggage, irrespective of what you carry. My luggage weighs 10kg. Had another person been sitting with me in the auto would weigh atleast 6-7 times that, do you ask him for the Rs.20 too? They refuse to ply all the routes, their meters run way fast & they are rude. Why do you think I would pay you more? RTA should not have folded. The auto association had no concrete reason for their strike, the autos would have started plying the road soon anyway considering they would have had no other option. They need to be taught a lesson.

-Why don’t we have debates in our elections? Like in the US, the candidates engage in a debate that show us their stand on the important topics & their intentions. A direct standoff is required to show the public the real leader. Engaging in a direct debate & defeating your opponent by presenting your views successfully, while simultaneously outwitting him seems more deserving than babbling a mugged up speech,on a podium with a buttload of supporters around & trying to kick down your opponent. A head to head competition is needed.

-Obama is off again. Blaming Bangalore for your country’s financial dumbness won’t make a difference. Listening to him would make you think that had Bangalore not existed everything would still be rosy.Sorry dude…you still would be where you are now. Sad to see you raising unnecessary muck to coverup things, you were above such petty things. All this Bangalore-lore has given the city a bad name, maybe that’s why they changed it to Bengaluru. It’s so tongue twisting that even we can’t say it, forget the Americans!! Smart move I must say 🙂

more of the blah later….

Scrubs:Season 8 Finale

The last episode of season 8 of Scrubs [& hopefully the last of the series too].
One word:Perfect.
I KNOW all Scrubs fans will love it.

Fun moments of the Finale
-JD’s last “EAGLE!” at Sacred Heart.
-Elliot & Carla hugging 😉
-Janitor & “Mu-Night Shyamalan”!
-Janitor’s walk-stop-walk to JD’s “we could still be friends”
-Jordon”I wanna touch it but I don’t”
-Glenn Matthews…or is it Tommy?!

What I will miss:
-The Janitor. The trick, the faces. Too funny!
-Todd’s ‘High Fives’.
-Ted & his weird talks [& his perennial shocked expression 😮 !]
-Elliot’s too!
-Turk & JD’s antics.
-The music used in scrubs. Gave me some real rocking ones to listen to. Have a whole playlist named “Scrubs”!

Best moments of the finale
-JD & Carla talk:

JD:How come you never tortured me? You know, like when I first started.
Carla:You were Bambi…..somebody had to teach you how to walk.
JD:Thank you for that…for being my teacher.
Carla:No problem.
JD:Is there anything that I can do to repay the favor?
Carla:Tell me my husband loves me more than he loves you!
JD:About the same…
Carla:I’ll take it….I’m gonna miss you Bambi.
JD:I’m gonna miss you too…

-Dr. Cox shares what he really thinks of JD:

Cox:For the record, he was the best that ever came through this dump.John Dorian was the first & only doctor I ever met who cared as much as I do. And you can forget about him being just an exceptional physician, because the fact of the matter is, he was…he’s a damn exceptional person. It’s why people gravitated to him. It’s why I did. He was my friend.

-JD walking down the corridor, reminiscing.scrubsmyfinale250.jpg

-JD sees what the future may hold for him & all his friends.

One request….please finish it here. I don’t want to watch a half dead Scrubs without the existing cast. If someone has to continue it, please do it under another name…plz

A fantastic show. If you have not watched it….get the DVDs!!
*sigh* the wednesday slot now lies empty….

Stella the Mother in HIMYM:New evidence

96915_d0431thumbnailWho is the Mother in “How I Met Your Mother”?
Have been watching it for some time now. And today I had an epiphany. Stella. Ok…it might not seem einstein-like brilliant, but it does have some Sherlock-like deduction.

In “No Tomorrow” [3×12], Ted says “I found out years later that your mom was at that party…I just didn’t meet her…”
In “Ten Sessions”[3×13], Stella says”…I have been to one party in the past year, St.Patty’s day was awful, I left early…”

They might have been at the same party, but as she had left early they did not meet.
Is it a co-incidence that she said that? Maybe the writers put it out there as a clue, like that framed thing on the wall. These would certainly make some good flashback moments, when Ted actually meets her.

One major flaw…If it was Stella, then the children should have recognized her name & said something…Well anyway had the thought so I put it here. Comments welcome!

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