Stella the Mother in HIMYM:New evidence

96915_d0431thumbnailWho is the Mother in “How I Met Your Mother”?
Have been watching it for some time now. And today I had an epiphany. Stella. Ok…it might not seem einstein-like brilliant, but it does have some Sherlock-like deduction.

In “No Tomorrow” [3×12], Ted says “I found out years later that your mom was at that party…I just didn’t meet her…”
In “Ten Sessions”[3×13], Stella says”…I have been to one party in the past year, St.Patty’s day was awful, I left early…”

They might have been at the same party, but as she had left early they did not meet.
Is it a co-incidence that she said that? Maybe the writers put it out there as a clue, like that framed thing on the wall. These would certainly make some good flashback moments, when Ted actually meets her.

One major flaw…If it was Stella, then the children should have recognized her name & said something…Well anyway had the thought so I put it here. Comments welcome!


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