Random Blah…

-Today we went to “Wonder Funkey”. Its kind of an Indian version of “Chucky Cheese” with all sorts of games for little children with an important addition:It has a Bowling Alley [otherwise, going to that place would be simply weird]. In pune, I think there are only two places that have bowling alleys, & to my knowledge this is the better one.                                                 dsc00858.jpg
Why we went there? For that I must rewind to around 4pm today:We were bored out of our minds. Why? Lets have another rewind to 2pm:All our laptops were dead & we were sweltering in the heat…why?…no, no more rewinds[a habit I picked from watching too much HIMYM…more on that later]:Electricity had gone off at around 10am, taking the water supply with it, & instead of coming back in the usual one hour, the cut continued endlessly. So we watched movies, played couple of games till our laptops gave up, sweated for 7 hours before deciding to get out & go somewhere. One problem:It was hot & going out would mean the sun. So to avoid heat decided to head off to WF & finally cross off bowling from our to-do list. Called Anshu, Soni, KD, Kunal. Unfortunately only Anshu agreed to join us. Got ready…a tough job, considering that we had only a bucketful of water & what we had to do required more than that!! Just before leaving Aashay dropped in & we coaxed him to come along. Left at 5:20pm.The whole bowling thing costed us Rs.120 for 1 game[20 shots] each. It was the first time we had bowled & it was fun, esp. since we were 6 ppl, competitionpana was nice.

dsc00855.jpg dsc00857.jpg
4th-me :(…followed by Anshu & Anuj

-Watching the following TV shows regularly:How I Met Your Mother, House MD, Scrubs. Fantastic shows. Today was the last episode of scrubs season 8 & possibly the last episode of the show. If the present cast will not be in the next season, then they should end it here itself. HIMYM is fun, esp. Stinson. His “Bro Codes” & pickup stories are awesome ;). House the megalomanic, tortured-torturing genius. Previous season had more medical mystery than soap opera. But as this season had more human elements/charachters soap-operaism was expected.

-The Auto rickshaw strike ended today with the RTA agreeing to keep the first kilometer charge at Rs.10, but thankfully they stood firm on the succesive distance being charged at Rs.7, brought down from Rs 9. Original fare:Rs.10 for first km, Rs.9 for successive. Proposed:Rs.8 for first km, Rs.7 for successive. For this the auto guys went on a surprise 6 day strike [obviously only the first day was the surprise day, rest was expected]. I think the RTA should not have backed down. If they can demand a hike in fares[Rs.8 for first km, Rs.6 for successive, this was raised to Rs.10 & Rs.9] when fuel prices rocketed off, we must have the right to demand a reduction when the price falls, shouldn’t we? Bloody goondaraj. As it is they take us for a ride, literally & figuratively,fleece us naked & then demand that prices stay up. Coming from the station to my place, would cost me around Rs.75 on the meter. But ask them & they bluntly tell you it will be Rs.150 + Rs.20 for my luggage, irrespective of what you carry. My luggage weighs 10kg. Had another person been sitting with me in the auto would weigh atleast 6-7 times that, do you ask him for the Rs.20 too? They refuse to ply all the routes, their meters run way fast & they are rude. Why do you think I would pay you more? RTA should not have folded. The auto association had no concrete reason for their strike, the autos would have started plying the road soon anyway considering they would have had no other option. They need to be taught a lesson.

-Why don’t we have debates in our elections? Like in the US, the candidates engage in a debate that show us their stand on the important topics & their intentions. A direct standoff is required to show the public the real leader. Engaging in a direct debate & defeating your opponent by presenting your views successfully, while simultaneously outwitting him seems more deserving than babbling a mugged up speech,on a podium with a buttload of supporters around & trying to kick down your opponent. A head to head competition is needed.

-Obama is off again. Blaming Bangalore for your country’s financial dumbness won’t make a difference. Listening to him would make you think that had Bangalore not existed everything would still be rosy.Sorry dude…you still would be where you are now. Sad to see you raising unnecessary muck to coverup things, you were above such petty things. All this Bangalore-lore has given the city a bad name, maybe that’s why they changed it to Bengaluru. It’s so tongue twisting that even we can’t say it, forget the Americans!! Smart move I must say 🙂

more of the blah later….


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