Dawdling Democracy 2:Why Vote when you can Veto?


We all know it. The facade of polling to “choose” our leader will be over soon. We also know the result:Hung Parliament. Then it is upto the various parties to gather enough numbers to pass the muster & usher in the government.

What a buttload of crap ūüė¶

Anybody can form the government. You need 272 seats, so go on the coalition spree! It all depends on how many ppl you can get & so we have “the independents” ,the “aadha darjan” parties, the so called “third front” & other opportunities who contest just so they can profit by the coalition fever. We will have a sarkar with people who might have abysmal numbers[& worse track records] & the party with the max numbers might have to back out just because no one want to get cosy with it. The party that lost will come into power with the association of ppl with dubious characters, some who would give you the heebee-jeebees just by crossing them on the street [ohhh…but after being elected why would they be out on the streets! They will be sitting in their palatial bungalows chewing paan]. They don’t have any ethics, all they see is the proverbial kursi & they just have to get to it. The “how” never enters their conscious, its “anyhow”.

How can we justify this? What is the use of our voting when the crappy losers end up ruling us anyway? We have people squabbling about making voting¬†compulsory, all set with punishments if you don’t. Why should you have to go out, brave the sun & heat to be negated into nothingness? You¬†vote to get someone in, but maybe now you need to vote to keep the nitwits out.

Unleash the power of VETO…

Ironical:Takea look at my previous post…seems like I keep swinging like a pendulum :¬†Optimism-Pessimism-Optimism-Pessimism…

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