American Adventure:Prelude

This is the first of many entries that will encompass my month long vacation to the US, visiting family [specifically:Mamaji!…if you don’t get it, no worries. It’s an inside joke with my roomies!]


Finished with my exams had to rush home to finish with my packing. Had approx. 2hrs. to wrap everything before I left for the station. Planned to reach early so that I could stash the hulking piece of luggage that I was carting around.
But I am getting ahead of myself.

Put clothes, shoes, kit, in the BIG bag. Plugged in the Mac for charging & plugged the iPod into the Mac. Though my phone was almost fully charged, plugged in that too. Had to collect all my clothes lying around the flat, hanging on the clothesline, sort them & put it in the cupboard or bags as required. Since I would be back after a long time, had to put stuff away to protect from dust & prying eyes.

Looking at the clock-3:20pm. ETD-1 hr[ETD as in Estimated Time of Departure…self derived from ETA :)]

Surveying the mess, I saw my travel sandals covered in dust, washed it quickly & set it to dry. This reminded me that I had to wash my nike shorts also, did that too & hung it to dry along with a prayer [for a quick dry :)]

Had a bath & got dressed. Set up my backpack: Put in the MB, iPod, my 3 standard pair of headphones[yup, 3-Sony’s noise cancellation,default white iPod buds & Creative HQ-80], book[The Appeal:John Grisham] etc. Put the cables & chargers in the BIG bag [though I don’t know useful they will be in the US, considering the different ratings used there. But since I will be needing them in Delhi had to pack them]. Zipped up. Gave a mental rundown of anything I had forgotton, crosschecking it with the written list I had. All Done. Gave the flat a look over, put away some of the important things in the cupboard.

Final check:

Locked up & ready to leave. Pressed the lift call button & as usual, it was out of order. Carried the BIG bag down three floors & hailed a rickshawallah. Got in & got on the road. Time Check-4:20pm…on the dot 🙂

Reached the station at 4:45 paid the auto guy Rs.75 [the guy was honest, & I did not have to haggle]. Its a good thing Pune station has ramps all over because carrying it all over would have been a b*tch :(. Asked a passing coolie “Boss, pushpak kis number pe aaegi? ” The guy gave me a quizzical look & walked away without answering. It took me a moment to realise that I had said pushpak insead of jhelum ! Anyway found the train & hoped in the first AC 2 compartment I saw, headed to my berth, no.19. Was dismayed to find that the whole block was full, with zero space for luggage anywhere. Started to argue when the guy pulled out his ticket & said that his berth was 19. Opened my mouth to say something, but then my dimaag ki batti went ON [without any help from mentos or any other associated mouthfreshner!]. This was 19 of A1, I was in 19 of A2! Proffering my apologies & feeling embarrassed [one advantage of being dark or saavla is that you can’t see me go red when embarrassed :)] Went into the right compartment & thankfully this 19 had loads of space to put my BIG bag. Stuffed the dang thing under the seat & heaved a sigh of relief.

My co-passengers constituted of an uncle, his son & a girl. They were cool, we chatted throughout, making this journey way better than my previous one! Tina got down at Gwalior at around 4:15pm the next day. The train finally reached H.Nizaamuddin at 9:30pm & I was at UP Sadan by 10, having palak paneer 🙂 [I had nothing except a packet of Goodday biscuits & kurkure+water during the 28 hr journey …BTW check out the label on the bottle!!
URIA:that’s what I read initially, till i figured it to be URJA 😀 ]
Had been watching LOST Season 1, till I remembered that I too was going to be traveling on an international flight across the world…watching a plane crash on an abandoned/alien island definitely not a good idea before a 16hr flight.

Watching ’13′[of House MD fame] get punk’d! Hahaa that was fun! *yawn* time to sleep[though I wish I could have a warm glass of milk]…mum, pa & aastha arriving here at around 9.

Keep an eye out for more entries.
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