American Adventure:The Journey

Bags are packed. Everybody is ready & just waiting for me to finish this & then we’ll be gone. Have to be at IGIA by 9:30pm.

Route & timings:
ND[1 am]->Amsterdam [5:50am local time] .
Departure from Amsterdam at 10:30am [local time]…meaning 4hrs of aimless wandering inside the terminal at Amsterdam *BORING*. Amsterdam[10:30am]->Atlanta[1:40 pm local time]
[Amsterdam is 3.5 hrs behind ISt & Atlanta is 9.5 hrs behind IST].
The whole journey will take 23hrs[should be in Atlanta by 11:10pm, 6th June by your watches]….a piece of cake for me considering it takes 26-30hrs to get from Pune to Lucknow!!
Since we are heading west, we will be gaining a day.

The next time I put up a post it will be from the US, unless of course I get an open wifi connection at Amsterdam.
See you all soon!


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