American Adventure:day to day happenings

7th June:
Gotup early…the excitement of a new place does that to me!. Sat outside admiring the quiet morning.Had a nice hot shower & mum fixed me some breakfast.

Panorama view using my phone

Panorama view using my phone

Sat on the deck chatting with Mama Mami. Its a nice place to sit, having trees in front of you & the chirping of birds…feels like you are in a cabin up in the hills[took this photo on my phone using the panorama option, the view was circluar but appears flat in the pic, that’s why the dark line. 3D to 2D conversion problem :(].Serene.
Mama went to check up on his patients while mami prepared lunch. Watched Federer beat Soderling to conquer the final frontier:French Open. One tennis match I watched throughout…& the guy deserved it.Went shopping after lunch ,visited a couple of stores in the local mall. Like everything else, malls of the US are way more huge than the malls in India. The girls went for their drawn out browsing/shopping & we, the guys were done in half an hour. T-shirts & shorts were on ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ offer so ended up buying 3 tees & shorts. Now have something breezy to wear in Florida![Had brought only shirts & jeans…my shorts & tees are either all torn or way past their useful life] Came back feeling drowsy & slept for 3 hrs straight waking up at 8:30pm.
Mama had ordered pizza from Dominos for dinner. Was almost the same except the thin crust was better. The chicken wings were spicy!! Stayed up chatting quite late…Finally everybody was off to sleep but me thanks to my 3 hrs. Stayed up surfing the net & listening to songs. Sleep overtook me around 2am……..Zzz

The living room

The living room

Buddy Singh!

Buddy Singh!

8th June:

Woke up late today…around 9. Mama Mami already out for work. Set myself up with breakfast of cereals with fruits. Started poking around the house, discovering weird/amazing things.

-2 kitchens:1 on the mainlevel, 1 below [a ‘basement’ if you will]-
Switches are inverted! In India to turn anything off, you press on the upper part of the switch, here you press on the lower part. Can’t get the hang of it!!
-Number of tellys:HD one in the living room, one in mama’s room, two upstairs & a home theatre in the ‘basement’
-Lightning Internet Speeds!
In-home gym
-Love the central cooling!! No sweating anytime now :D`
-Buddy wearing a collar that says “Buddy Singh” & that keeps him in check, preventing him from leaving the property.
-At 8:30pm it seems as if it cannot be later than 5pm. The sun is out for a LONG time & darkness comes up suddenly, as it is night by 9:15!

Played TT with papa for almost an hour, sweating profusely had a cold shower. Spent most of the watching TV playing with aabhas & shivani. The day was a pretty relaxed one.

9th June:
Mum woke me at 6am to accompany her & papa for an hour long morning walk. Were out by 6:40, after having a cup of tea with mama mami, buddy too  came with us! The walk was truly spectacular. We made a partial circuit around the golf course & the early morning light was wonderful. The hilly landscape, the lake, the trees & the awesome weather added to the charm making it one of the best morning walks.

DSC00021DSC00045Came back in 1.5hrs[had taken my camera & the photography slowed us down!]. Took a 20 min massage on mama’s massage chair. Ultra relaxing!. The motion on the back & feet the almost finger like, hitting all the correct points. Soreness & tiredness buh-bye! Too bad it costs way too much 😦 around $3600, or mum would have definitely bought it!!

Made breakfast for everybody minus Aabhas [he was out with mama]:5 chicken burgers…took around an hour with the defrosting & frying of the chicken patties, heating of the buns+cheese & layering the burger with salad+mayo+patties+salad+ketchup+cheese. Tasted scrumptious & I was damn proud! Spent most of the day helping aastha with her project [shivani did more work than aastha, she definitely deserves a mention in the acknowledgement!].For lunch we had leftovers:Shrimp/panner/chicken & watched KHNH on the telly till mama came back [with aabhas] followed by mami. Spent time with them & decided to have dinner outside, to save a very tired mami the hassle of cooking. Went to Chili’s & had a well spread selection of fajitas, Southwetsern eggrolls, nachos, & loads of other stuff [en

ded up wasting most…the servings were WAY too large!].The dessert was full paisa vasool:Molten Chocolate Cake:Jhakaas!:D Came home, watched the telly & had to sleep by 11:30…eyelids refused to stay open!

10th June:
Morning walk:Today we took a different route. It wasn’t as scenic but was good enough. Did not let mum take buddy, even though she was quite adamant. How is a little dog such as a japanese chin supposed to walk 3kms? With its stature & our pace the walk becomes more of a jog! Hence decided that Buddy will come with us on alternate days. After the walk it was massage time :D.


Did extensive google map scouting in & around mama’s house. Plan to cycle around tomorrow instead of the walk. Fixed lunch for everybody minus Aabhas [he was at the driving school]. The cooking took around an hour again, the clearing, cleaning & setting up the dishwasher took another hour. Played pool in the basement till the guys had to go to the Dollar Store to do some shopping. With Jason driving, there wasn’t enough space, so Aabhas & I stayed behind [good enough for me!].

rainy day

rainy day

It had started to rain & it was looking so beautiful that I simply had to go upstairs,open the window & sit on the sofa to enjoy the weather.

Helped shivani make cookies when everybody returned…turned out pretty good! Played tennis with Aabhas & Shivani on the xbox till dinner time. Dinner had 2 subzis that the ‘roti-lady’ had cooked along with daal, ‘chicken bhurji’ & parathas. After dinner headed off to Walmart to get some things…mostly food/groceries. Got myself a pair of T-shirts…the one with weird quotes on them [always wanted one of these!]. By the time we got back, it was around 10:30pm & all were very sleepy, had to complete this post so made myself some coffee

[my midnight coffee!!] & this time it is the proper ‘coffee’.None of the instant ‘Nescaf’ stuff, proper strained coffee from beans using a proper coffee maker! With the help of a running ipod & a mug of steaming coffee, this post is now complete!

Coffee maker

Coffee maker

Guten Nacht!! [ironic:ipod playing Have a Nice Day:-Bon Jovi :D]


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