American Adventure:Atlanta Daytrip

Had loads of stuff to do before 12:30pm today. Why? Mama had some meeting in Atlanta, so we decided to join him for the trip to have a look around. We were to leave for Atlanta around 12:30.No morning walk today…instead I went cycling for 3 miles…felt good, ridden a cylce after a LONG time :). Got back, mum oiled my hair [dandruff??] & we packed for the weeklong trip to florida, beginning tomorrow. Shivani was going to a concert [The Fray were performing in Atlanta] with her friends & her iTunes library would not sync with her iPhone…fixed that to stop her from fretting to kingdom come. Had to take Buddy & drop him off to his doggy hostel, for the time we would be in florida. Showered, got dressed & pestered Shivani to shower quickly [she was the one who knew the location of the hostel, or so I thought!]. Left with Jason, got lost, kept looking for a florist found it & soon located the neighboring doggy hostel. Dropped buddy along with a week load of food etc., rushed back, stuffed backpack with snack & water for Atlanta & heated a ‘Lean Cuisine’ Pizza for brunch.
Mama pulled in the driveway with me just gulping down the last bite. Wished everybody goodbye, reminded Shivani to get me some stuff from the concert & were off.

It was a hour long ride, mama dropped us off at a mall, whose name I can’t place now…we or rather mum & Aastha went snail pace shopping while Papa & I scouted the whole mall in an hour & a half[Trust me, it was BIG]. Spent 3 hrs. in & around before mama called to say that he was done. Joined us soon & we had ice-creams before heading back. Aastha got some clothes, a pair of her dream brand sunglasses [those huge ‘bumblebee’ ones! Hate them!! *yuck*]. Mama got me an iDesign Cube Clock…verryy cool & slick :), I was looking for a laptop sleeve but they had only the 15.4″ ones, not 13.3″, mama said he would take us to an electronic store & I could get the sleeve there. Mentioned the thing about an external HD, to which he replied that he already had a 320GB one at home!

[Though I was planning to get a 400GB one, I am not one to look a gift in the horse’s mouth! 320~400 anyway :p]
Reached rome at around 6 & played with the HD[3 partitions:Mac, Time Machine & Windows/NTFS. Fiddled around with time machine till I finally had it down pat. Convenient & classy]. Set up the car headphones/remote so that we could watch movies on the car DVD player…afterall it would be a 7hr drive :(. Checked to see that everything played on all the screens & the headphones. Helped mami to pack food stuff esp. Indian stuff [masalas,daals…going to make khichdi there :p. Obviously, not ON the beach!!!] Had dinner two hrs. ago, now having piping hot cappuccino & finishing this.

Have to get up by 5…the plan is to leave here by 6. How fruitful it will be? Hah! Unlikely :). Anyway must atleast give it a shot. So off to sleep.

Good Night 😀


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