American Adventure:Florida Edition 1

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you’ll know that we were to leave for Florida on the 13th. You will also know that we were supposed to have left Rome by 6am. The first part was taken care of..but the second part was woefuly out of sync. Instead of 6, it was 8:30 by the time we left![many reasons:us packing late into the night & shivani returning late from ‘The Fray’ concert….she could’nt get the poster, so she got me the T-shirt instead. Thank you SHIVANU!!]
Had packed before on the 12th before going to sleep…2 pcs of luggage with our clothes, 4 backpacks with odds & ends, & 4 big bags of food/snacks & associated content[masalas,tea sugar, pressure cooker, nimki, bhujia..,you get the picture, right?]!! Thankfully, everything,JUST fit in the trunk. Took a whole bunch of pics throughout, the good ones are on mama’s camera & will try to upload them asap, but the ones with me are up on the album, link in the RHS under “US trip Links”. Left by 8:30. Stopped to get gas & some cappuccino for us all…I don’t know why but these rest-stop cappuccinos are always thick & yum! Chatted, goofed around with shivani, snacked, took pics [silly/funny/good ones]. Saw some great cars:many Mustangs, a couple of Corvettes & a Porsche 911 turbo.Had loaded up on DVDs & watched shivani’s ‘Take the Lead’ followed by ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. Had lunch around 2pm at IHOP[International House Of Pancakes]. Loved the three egg omelette filled with chicken with pancakes on the side! [eating complete different food here…fajitas, pancakes etc. & more to come :)]. Lunch took us an hour…slept for an hour or so once in the car….woke up to a strong rainstorm [heard later that there was a high alert for the storm] with the rain & wind making a huge din, reducing visiblity & increasing out ETA :(.
Finally made it to Orlando, Florida. Stopped at a mall to pick up some milk, eggs, bread, butter & water. In case you are wondering why we are picking up/packing cooking stuff that’s because the resort we are staying at [Sheraton Vistana Resort]
is like a large housing colony with rooms that are like a 2 BHK’s[Bedroom Hall Kitchen set]. A resort with apartments[though they call it villas] you could say. Staying here for a week so must have groceries to cook breakfast/ snacks/ tea etc. Checked in, got our keys, free gift, coupons etc. & went to our ‘apartment’:1939.
It’s on the ground floor, with a lake as its ‘backyard’. It’s a sweet suite! Small & cosy, yet fun [with a jacuzzi in the bedroom!]svo5608gr-41256_ub.jpg.
Having food courts/gyms/swimming pools & loads of other activities within walking distance of 2mins…It’s gonna be fun!!
Moved in all the stuff into the apartment/villa & had tea[the kitchen if fully furnished, down to the microwave & dishwasher]. Aabhas & mama were going swimming, so we tagged along & took a small tour of our neighbourhood. Got back withing an hour, freshened up & left for dinner. Had planned to go to the pizza hut in the food court, but there was a long line & they didn’t have much choice in the pizzas & so we left for Uno.It was located out of the resort & Aabhas was the one to recommend it. Like the previous two times [at Chili’s & IHOP] I chose what mama likes at the respective places, here it was chicken milanese[roasted chicken breast, with salad & & garlic toast]. The servings were large & we ordered the food accordingly, & this time there was minimal waste of food [unlike chili’s!]. Place highly recommended….lots of stuff available[am staying off burgers & pizzas to try stuff you don’t get back in India] & everything we had was tasty.
After dinner [& a picture] we took a short drive around ‘Downtown Disney’ before returning to the resort. Everybody is now asleep except me…& no, no midnight coffee tonight!

Tomorrow we will leave for JFK Space Center, an hour long drive. This time no departure time has been set, so hoping we don’t get too late!!

More tommorrow..cheerio 😀

PS:Check out my trip location/landmarks/routes etc on my google maps. You can also follow me on Twitter. All the links are available in the column on the right under “US trip Links”


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