American Adventure:Downtown Disney

Got up late…around 7. Found that mum was having a migrane, that put any plans we had on hold[had none anyway]. Lounged around the resort. I tried to relocate the yellow corvette I had seen the day before so that I could have a closer look & take a pic, unfortunately it seemed to have gone :(. Ate cereal for breakfast, so did the other ppl, tried to work out how to spend the day. After a bit of brain-storming[mostly by mama] it was decided that after lunch we could watch a movie at AMC, & spend the remaining time admiring the nearby places. Being located in Downtown Disney, there would definitely be stuff to see. Mama also found an interesting holiday package:visit Seaworld & you can visit Aquatica for free within a year if you are a resident of Georgia or Florida. That being settled, we had to decide upon a movie [PG]…narrowed it down to Up, Land of the Lost, Imagine That. Imagine That won with mami not liking animated movies[Up] & shivani’s friend telling her that LotL was a dud. So Imagine that it was.

Mami cooked lunch, nothing fancy, just Aalu, dal, chawal…come to think of it was the regular stuff I ate in pune AALU! but better [yeah I know you may say how can you make aalu better, but well she did]. Had it around 1, showered, left by 2 & were there in 15 mins. Got the tickets of the 3pm show. Having 30 mins to spare, we tried to get on the hot air balloon, but that ride required 30 mins too, so had to dump it.
Went in the hall 10 mins early to catch the trailers…they ran for 30 mins! The movie was OK. Had some funny bit, some emo-moments & entertaining ones.
Came out at 5. Took a walk around the place, mostly shops themed around Disney cartoons. By now it was cloudy bringing down the temperature considerably, but the flip side was we could not take a ride on the hot air balloon, it being windy & stuff. But we had lots to see & loads of photos to take. Aastha & shivani went crazy, snapping the cameras/phones all over the places & me getting towed everywhere to take their pics!
It was all very slow, but we had nothing more to do so we took our time, wandered in & out of the shops, browsed through interesting things. Saw huge robots/dinos built of lego pieces, an irish pub, a brit fish ‘n’ chips, T-rex & a dance show.
Left DD to go to play minigolf/put-put near our resort. Used coupons supplied at the resort to get games for 2 ppl free!Played an 18 hole game & enjoyed it!
Took some time getting used to it, & the holes were smartly constructed. Mama won, with papa coming a close second. Had dinner just next to the minigolf thing at CiCi’s. Again used coupons to get 4 buffets free by paying for only 4!! The food was good for the price we paid…had a choice from a variety of pizzas, salads, pastas. Fully loaded returned to the resort by 9:30.
Not tired much & nothing compared to yesterday! NASA drained me completely, fell asleep the moment I hit the bed…dead tired. But it was worth it. Seeing NASA, its history, the technology. Was inspiring & intimidating all at the same time. Very informative & educational. Will put up a post describing the NASA trip when am free. Have to be up tomm. by 6 for seaworld.

Take care!


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