American Adventure:Panama City Beach

Left rome at about 8:30….almost on schedule πŸ™‚
The distance was 392 miles[630km]…covered it in 7hrs exact. Would have been less than 6 had we not been sidetracked, gone through small towns instead of going around them. The GPS keep on taking us into narrow streets instead of the highways. But I must say, I was really impressed by the sign system of the US. You can go from A to B over any distance just by know the direction of the destination [north/south etc. ] & get on the respective highway. You have signs telling you when to take the exit, which rd. you need to be on next. As you approach a traffic signal you have a signboard as well as spaced out strips on the ground that produce a different kind of noise than the regular road. The closer the you get to the signal, the distance bet. the strips decreases. I have seen 4-way intersections with no signals, just a 4-way stop sign. The car that arrives first at the intersection, is given the right of way, without any mishaps or blocking up the intersection. Excellent roadway system…no wonder ppl drive over long distances!

Ok enough of the road now…you must think I’m in love with the sadak & that i must do lotpot on it!

In PCB, checked into the edgewater resort. It’s not as good as the one in Orlando, but it good enough & this is the only one we could get reservations in, given the short notice. PCB is located in the Gulf Of Mexico…had planned to go to San Destin ,but the resort there were full. They gave these ‘resort tags’ to differentiate us from outsiders who might be wander around the resort…I call them Dog tags :), you may catch a glimpse of them hanging from out pants/hands/ankles. Very irritating. Also if you lost them there was a $5 fine…& it’s easy to loose one, considering you are on a beach swimming & playing around. Then there was a mandatory $25 breakage insurance, that the reception guy said covered us till $1500 worth of damage, making it sound as if he was giving us some sort of a gift. The advantage is that now we have something to vent out our frustration on :p

Ours is a beach front condo so you can see the the sea right from the balcony & being on the 7th floor, the view is absolutely breath taking!!!!!

Panorama picWhite sand…green blue ocean extending into the horizon…the sun reflecting off the water. You can hear the surf breaking on the shores all the time.


The afternoons was hot & no way were we going out in the blazing sun! I don’t know how the ppl can stand the heat & lay on the beach…the sand gets pretty hot too. Anyway since PCB is in a different time zone, it is 1 hr. behind Rome time, had plenty of time. So we relaxed for a couple of hrs, had lunch [finally had Peanut butter jelly sandwich!! thanks to Shivani SS Singh ]
Put on our bathing suites & walked down to the beach at 6 [local time] as it is the sunset is pretty late here…we had atleast 2 hrs of light. The sand was really soft & felt good beneath my feet, though they do make walking a bit difficult! It was white, & not brown making it look like powder. Walk down to the edge & tested the water…was cool. Walked along the edge letting the waves crash around my feet soaking in the surroundings. This is the second time I’ve been on a beach in my life. Am not counting Lakswadeep as I hardly remember anything….Had gone to Andaman & Nicobar, a long time back….memories are faint now.
Did’nt waste much time hanging around [just enough for a couple of pictures :)] & were jumping into the sea. The water felt cool, the waves kept pushing us back at the start, but soon you feel them pulling you out. ! there was some seeweed floating around, but that wasn’t a bother…the saltwater unfortunately was…It was too salty, after sometime you had a bitter taste with the water going in your mouth.
Also you couldn’t keep your eyes open underwater as it would sting & that made swimming difficult. But these were only minor inconviniences compared to the fun we were having!! Swam out a bit, dove into the oncoming waves, scared shivani by going underwater & catching her legs :p. With the sun gone behind the clouds the beach had also emptied out [no sunbathers] Played around waiting for the sunset…the cloud hid the sun just before it dipped into the ocean, but still it was beautiful. Came out sat for a bit & then took a shower to wash out all the sand…

”]The Sunset[Click to enlarge]

It was starting to feel cold with the wind picking up, so decided to go into the resort pool as it is a bit heated. Swam in the pool for another half an hour with aabhas, shivani & mama [mum pa & aastha were still at the beach].
All this swimming had made us all ravenous so reluctantly we had to go inside, shower, change & then go out for dinner. It took us 45 mins to find a place to eat! There was way too much traffic on the road….ppl walking were going faster than us :(. It seems during the day everyone is at the beach & during the night everybody is on the roads…Crawled our way across beach road, found nothing so turned onto another, Hutchison, which turned out to be exactly opposite. Zero traffic! But then it had nothing on it…Cruised around till mama spotted Applebees. The place was nice, & we had a good dinner. An added bonus was some really good music, almost all were my favourites.

By the end of our dinner, it was 11pm & we were all beat…Aabhas was literally asleep on his feet! Headed back to the resort & lay on the bed without even bothering to change. Was asleep soon πŸ™‚

Today [writing this on the 28th] plan to go parasailing & jetsking. Plus there is go carting & maybe even a bit of bowling.:D
Expect another post soon


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