HP sucks.Period.

Anuj’s HP charger had gone bust. He had been running his lappy on battery, that he would swap with Raghav’s when it ran out of juice. To conserver power Anuj’s lappy was running on Powersaver, hence ultraslow making him, ultrapissed. He had tried to get the charger repaired as the damage was limited to the connector pin. Thanks to HP’s pointlessness the pin/connector was of unique make & not available in the market. And believe me I when say he looked high & low for it’s replacement [from upmarket stores right down to the chor bazaar]

So he withdrew Rs.2400 something that made his heart heavy & his bank balance lighter. We went to the HP store on JM to get a new adapter. He bought it :). To celebrate we went to FC to have Chocolate Toast. It’s quite good! The bread was crisp & the chocolate….sorry am drifting… :p
On the way home we exchanged the old Spike-guard for a better one & made it back so that Anuj’s lappy was up & running, on High Performance [after 2 weeks!], before 7pm. Something he had promised he would make happen 😀

But as with all good things there is a catch. The pin that goes onto the laptop is not of the correct size, it is 3 times larger in circumference. So to get it to fit HP has made a teeny-weeny converter. Now the whole thing looks positively stupid. It hardly resembles a charger, instead it looks like some confounding electric voodoo. Or in Anuj’s words “Rocket banaya hai kya?” Now, instead of one, we have four points that have a high chance of giving out. Plus there is chance of loosing the small adapter. The fun part? If the little thing gets lost/damaged, you have to buy a whole new charger worth Rs.2400 [as of today]! Wonderful HP, what a brilliant plan to drain your customers dry! *applause*

  Top:New connector with adapter. Bottom:Old connector

Top:New connector with adapter. Bottom:Old connector.



What is this need to unnecessarily complicate things? As it is your product quality is crap [am too irritated to sugarcoat anything right now.] And you are adding more crappy stuff, that nobody needs. Two of my roommates have HP laptops, one is DV 6000 other is DV 2000 & both have had to buy new chargers in the span on 1 year from their respective date of purchase. Both have different connectors & now you have added a new type. Thats 3 different connectors over 2 years. I only wish the time you spend on developing these (highly) dispensable connectors, you would have focused on making laptops that don’t scorch you when you work on them & don’t need to be taken to your snail-paced “Service Centers” every 2 months.

Congrats & welcome to the summit to stupidity *bows*. Dickheads.


5 responses to “HP sucks.Period.

  1. anshu August 1, 2009 at 1:13 PM


    PEhle bola tha

  2. Cena August 1, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    so does Mac 😀

  3. smita September 17, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    I have had a HP laptop for almost three yrs now which I bought from the college. Its safe to say that the outdated model resembles a “dabba” in many ways. 😀

    The charging point which you were referring to has gone bust for a lot of other people who bought their laptops around that time. My charger hasn’t gone bust, though it has undergone drastic transformation after being soldered thrice. Even now, there is half a roll of duct tape around the charging point and it has to be kept a certain angle to ensure that my laptop is running on mains.

    Hence, the conclusion of this tirade is, YES I totally agree with you, HP does SUCK!!! 😀

    PS- @anshu: My roomie has a lenovo laptop whose battery went kaput in less than a year. So I can’t echo your sentiments.

    PPS-@cena: cool post, you’ve just inspired me to fire away a post on my blog too 🙂

  4. Cena September 17, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    @smita:When you say “…and it has to be kept a certain angle to ensure that my laptop is running on mains.” I know exactly how you feel! This happens here too :), quite a lot of time is spent bending down to check that the ‘Halo of power’ is glowing.
    Am glad that the post gave you an impetus to put up a post of your own 🙂

  5. smita October 16, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    the HP-bashing post is up! 🙂

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