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Excuse the excuses!

Nothing posted for over 2 months…Ouch!! I knew it had been long, but this long! Wow, talk about procrastination. Well, its not entirely my fault, there were a multitude of reasons:

  1. Not much happening. Atleast nothing worth writing a post about.
  2. If anything does come up, putting it up on facebook is way easier. It also gets more responses than writing a blog post about it [whaddya know…my friends are even lazier than me! they comment on FB but not on my blog :(]. I tell you, facebook is the real culprit…something happens, you ‘share’ it, 5 mins later you have a couple of comments & 3 ‘likes’. I am also starting to see why twitter is so popular & getting to understand it’s tag of being “a micro-blogging platform”. Thank God my friends aren’t that active on it or my blog would be dead [No, it was on life support for the last 2 months. And now its back! Miracles do happen].
  3. I am motivationally challenged [that is lazy in dumdum-speak] :D. Hey I never said that I was not…but please note that it comes last on the list of excuses 🙂

The blog should be seeing a flurry of activity after the 15th of Dec. You will be [hopefully] entertained by my description of the daily antics of my new Lab pup, Bruni. Currently she is running wild at home with both my mum & sis unable to rein her in. Hopefully I will be able to do so.

Lots is happening this december…new pup, my exams, anuj’s bday [party postpened due to exams :(], bade mama coming to India, Pa-Mum & bade Mama-Mami’s anniversary. One of my bada bhais is getting hitched…..infact his wedding it today, later in the day. A whole lot of love & best wishes from me to both of them…& I am really sorry to miss out on their wedding…stupid exams :(. [On a related note, I find calling ppl bhabhi or jeejaji very awkward. I dont know why but it feels REALLY WEIRD!!!! And I mean super duper weird….] A little trivia:Its was his blog that introduced me to the world of blogging, so ALL of this is due to him. Loads of love bro!!


Well, what was to be a small filler post turned into a bit more, eh? Good…it should get things moving 🙂


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