Having a TV is overrated

Stuff that makes me happy that I don’t have a TV. I’d rather invest in a high bandwidth internet connection & stream/download whatever I need to watch.

CNN IBN:“Sania marrying Shoaib Malik is not a political move”. guys….when was it ever??!!!

Saw an ad on Telebrands. It showed a coating for cars that would protect it from almost anything…even fire! I remember an episode on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Joey & Chandler are watching the telly & are awed by a similar ad. It could not be the same one, could it!!!

New advertisement of a mosquito spray [Good Knight I think] shows a kid being bugged by a whole bunch of mosquitos as a distraught mother looks on. BANG! In drops a can of the spray & the mum’s face lights up. She picks it up and sprays it straight into the kids face, the kid smiles big & inhales deeply. Then the mum goes on to explain that the spray no longer smells weird & is in-fact sweet smelling. Yeah, its the SMELL that prevents me from spraying poisonous stuff all over me!

A guy doing stunts lands on his belly, temporarily paralyzing his diaphragm making it hard to breathe. When he finally recovers he says ” dude *cough* *cough*, I so hate not being able to breathe“….So do I sir, so do I !!

The news channels make a 40 inch TV feel inadequate. Most of the screen is filled with BOLD flashing ”Breaking News“…& it’s not the news that is in large bold letters but the announcement of the fact that this is the breaking news. The news itself is in some puny lettering that makes you squint. Then you have random stuff floating around in the various ticker bars, some weather/stock info on the left, & a couple of ads. The person giving you the news is almost an afterthought, awkwardly squeezed into a corner. I’d rather have my daily news dose the old fashioned way….at 8pm on Doordarshan. Then there is always the internet!


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