ROBOCON 2010:India-Nationals

A report on ROBOCON 2010:

A stunning response from an enthusiastic crowd saw make history at ROBOCON 2010 at Shiv Chattrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Balewadi on Saturday. With Mahindra and Mahindra up for recruitments of the ROBOCON 2010 team members, the stakes were high from the start. The game started with Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune taking on College of Engineering, Pune in a thrilling encounter. VIT, Pune dressed in red offered no surprises as the crowd anticipated by starting the game without a manual robot. VIT unable to take part in the Khufu pyramid showed their dominance with autonomous robots as they outclassed COEP in both Khafraa and Mankaura pyramids winning the game 22-9. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, (Team A), Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, (Team B) and Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune were the other teams to make it through to the semi-finals.


The semifinals were the sweetest treat the spectators could get. VIT continued their dominance and outclassed IIT, Mumbai (Team B) comfortably 28-11. The second semifinal was the most anticipated one, the former hosts MIT, Pune competing against the other team from Mumbai, IIT (Team A). With almost the entire stadium dressed in light blue (the colour of the MIT shirt), the stakes were really high for the Pune team to perform. The pressure played its toll on MIT, who didn’t start the game as well as expected and placed less blocks as compared to IIT in the Khufu pyramid. After 90 seconds in Khufu, Khafraa proved to be worse for MIT as their robot failed to release some of the blocks of the second pyramid. Mankaura Pyramid was the last hope, MIT knew and so they capitalized. A very fast placement of the lower block matched with a fast pick up and release of the block top black ensure that MIT marched into the finals beating VIT 35-13.

Thus, the finals saw two of the greatest engineering rivals in Pune, MIT and VIT, come together to slog it out for Egypt. VIT again didn’t put out their manual robot for Khufu which proved to be a decisive turn early on in the game for MIT, who did justice to their Khufu pyramid. MIT were superior than VIT again in Khafraa but failed to take all the points off the pyramid as they couldn’t place the top block properly to complete the pyramid. The ball already in MIT’s court prompted the crowd to cheer the locals louder than ever and saw MIT do better than ever to grab the stranglehold on the trophy and complete the Mankaura pyramid successfully to win the final match 43-10 and be crowned the Champions of India! A super day at the office for MIT’s manual operator Prashant, who was overjoyed to help his college represent India in Cairo, Egypt. He said, “We’ve been working on this robot since a year now. I owe this to the college and the staff who fully supported us, also provided us a separate laboratory in the college to prepare for ROBOCON 2010.” Dr. Sunil Karad, Executive Director and Chief Conveyer, ROBOCON felicitated Mr. Lakshmendra Chopra, Senior Director DD-Mumbai, Mr. Pravin Rajpal, Advisor Quality Form, New Delhi, Mr. Rakesh Sabarwal, Head General Motors, Pune, Mr. Amit Bhingurde, CEO KUKA. The judges, Prof Amarnath and Prof. Sushmit Sen were later felicitated by Dr. Milind Pande, Director MITSOT. The other three judges: Prof. A M Chakradeo, Prof T.P.Singh and Prof. Subir Kumar Saha were garlanded by Dr. Y.J.Bhalerao, Principal MAE, Alandi.

The stage then belonged to Dr. Vishwanath Karad, Executive President and founder of MAEER, who released the book “Rock-Bee” written by Prof. Saha and Manish Chauhan, M. Tech at IIT, Delhi. Inspiring the crowd with his speech Dr. V.D. Karad said, “ROBOCON has been a staircase for students from various colleges who wish to showcase their skill. Its exceptional really the way these boys have proved their talent.” He added, “Swami Vivekanand had said in the year 1897 that India will be able to stand on their feet and 50 years on we got independence. He also said, within 120 years India will be the knowledge corner of the world and through ROBOCON, I can say, we are on the right path.” Mr. Chopra touched on spreading the message of ROBOCON by regional workshops and said, “The aim of Doordarshan is knowledge, technology and entertainment and ROBOCON is the combination of all three.” Dr Sunil Karad, Chief Convener, ROBOCON 2010 told, “ROBOCON once again has been a super success and has given us another splendid event to remember. VIT finished as the Runner-ups where as MIT, Pune will represent India in the international event at Cairo, Egypt. A fun filled and an enthralling event of ROBOCON 2010 ended in tears for some, whereas, it left some in jubilation. Months of hard work and some games to perform, that’s what it really is. We are thankful to all participants coming across India for enhancing Robotics in India. Also support from Puneites and Press and Media is highly acknowledged”, he concluded.


Sr. No. Name of Trophies College Name
1 Best Innovative Design Mankuara Robot of MIT,Pune
2 Best Aesthetic Robot ————-(Cancelled)
3 Best Scorer (Amongst Quarter Finalist) MIT,Pune
4 Best Manual Operator IIT Kanpur
5 Best Automatic Robot VIT Pune
6 Best Idea Award NIST Behrampur
7 Best Rookie Award Govt. College of Engg. , Aurangabad
8 2 nd Runner up IIT Bombay (Team A),Mumbai
9 1 st Runner up VIT , Pune
10 Prof. Balakrishna Memorial Robocon MIT, Pune
11 Winner (To represent India at Cairo , Egypt ) MIT, Pune

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