LOST Finale:Prelude

Here we are. 6 years & 121 episodes later, at the end of LOST. At 5am GMT [~10:30am IST] when the final episode airs, it will probably be one of the most anticipated series finales. And rightly so.

It all started with Vicky bhayia buying the Box Set of Season 1. I got to see a few episodes before moving to Pune. And I was hooked. This was way back in 2006…when I hardly watched any tv shows [it may sound absurd now but I swear its true!]. For almost 3 years it lay dormant. There would be some talk about how the series was faring, & I would often overhear random words that was the LOST lingo…others, island, 815, black rock. It was 2008 that saw the advent of laptops in our student lives, followed by internet. It wasn’t long before we were introduced to the world of torrents, and then there was no looking back. I mutated into the maniac I am now, watching all of Prison Break,FRIENDS & Scrubs within 6 months. Then I saw it: LOST season 5 was midway. It wasn’t hard to find a fellow junkie & get all the prior seasons while queuing up the new season for download. The long forgotten hook tugged & I was reeled in…

To be frank I was fairly skeptical that I would ever see this show to it’s end. By the second season, hundreds of questions went on to become a thousand & the thousand a million. They started with a dozen characters that soon multiplied manifold, with their infinite flashbacks linking them to each other it was becoming hard to keep track of it all. The secrets were overwhelming , the relations complicated & alliances forged were fickle than the plebeians of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. At one point I got so frustrated that I swore not to watch it anymore…but there I was, a few days later watching Jake, Kate & Sawyer trek through the undergrowth. There are still a whole bunch of questions that one feels that need to be answered….I have read so many ‘10 questions LOST must answer’ on the internet it seems impossible for a show with so many question marks to exist!

But it was all this that made the show what it is & giving it a cult following. Having watched the whole thing again before starting Season 6 [yes, you read it right. I saw the whole thing.Again.Seriously…I mean it.] you have to marvel at the writers for the way it all gels together. There are so many clues & references that you get only when you watch the second time ! And it’s the open ended mysteries that make for interesting discussions. Listening to theories that range from probable to outright madness you realise that the show has a life of its own.

There are times you want to throw stuff at the screen, there are moments that make you go ooOOO! & times when you are simply dumb struck.

The last episode is called ‘The End’ but for the story that is LOST it certainly is not.

With that I leave you enjoy the roller-coaster last episode & like Desmond says:See you in another life, brother!


2 responses to “LOST Finale:Prelude

  1. Mr. SinGh May 24, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    bhaijaan kya baat hai….lagta hai aapne bahut research ke hai..

  2. Cena May 25, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    haha! kya karen 🙂

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