LOST:The End


So what did you think of the last episode? Though not exactly ‘satisfied’ I was ‘at peace’ with it and I guess that’s something. If you thought you ended up wasting 6 years then be glad the ending wasn’t something like this!


I would bet my life on there being mass suicides/shootouts on the 24th!!!


The writers are saying that we maybe getting more answers later on…but for that we will have to wait for the DVDs. Post-LOST there are some interesting discussions & takes by the fans.

Best/Worst Moments of LOST
Rank of Villains: Good One!
-Who was the
most likable character?

-Some great one-liners from Hurley

Then there are these awesome jokes about the whole series:
-A hilarious vid :LOST in 108 sec [killer line @ t=12 seconds]
-What to do when you are stuck on a weird ass island…or rather
what THEY did!!!

And if you have no idea what I am talking about then this is exactly for you! Atleast you wont have the WTF look if ppl around you start talking about candidates, black smoke, donkey wheels & MiB.

Cheers !


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