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Design Dilemma.

I have been blogging for about four years now. Had started off with, then shifting to as I felt it was more mature & also because blogger did not play well with my desktop blogging tool:MacJournal. MacJournal [MJ from hereon] is pretty good as I can create/edit my posts offline to my hearts content before setting it up for upload to the blog. I have many half baked, semi-written posts lying around that I add to whenever the metaphorical ‘bulb’ lights up over my head. I don’t have to open my browser, load up wordpress, login & go to the frustratingly slow editor just to add a couple of lines…my powers of procrastination are very strong!! And more often than not I would end up filing it away in my head, after which the recovery is nigh impossible!

You could argue that I can just write up the post in any text editor & paste it in the editor but MJ offers so many other features like addition of images & links which do not break when uploaded. Long story short:WP’s editor is quite clunky, adding images is a pain, the formatting has a mind of it own & its SSLLLOWWW :(. In fact if it hadn’t been for MJ I would have probably stuck with blogger as it is way more customizable than WP, unless of-course you decide to go the whole hog & get a account instead of which is free.

Blogs offer so many customizations in the form of themes, headers, backgrounds etc. & all this is very good. But one thing that has been an irritant from day one is the width assigned to the main-post block. Its barely occupies 50% of the whole blog… & like Morpheous says “it’s there like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad”. Since it is non-customizable I must look for themes that offer small sidebars & large blocks for the post…there are just a couple of them, with ONE new addition in the last two years. So I have the same old theme since forever…& the future looks no brighter. I just don’t get what the designers are thinking while they make the theme, to me this is a major design flaw that makes blogs look ugly. Here are some pictures:



Just look at the wasted space in the second image!  The theme looks nice, except for the alignment. The main-post block is so small, it is cropping my picture. If they moved the left boundary (1) closer to the edge of the screen, sidebar block (2) to the right edge of the screen & stretched the right side of the main post (3) a bit: Perfection

You may find this ok, but when you scroll & the sidebar comes to an end….after that the vast unused space really starts to mystify you.


Do you see what I mean? Now it looks as if a small patch has been mowed out from a large grassy lawn! The image below is theme that I have been using for a long time. This is more proportionate & it put the posts at the reader’s center of attention instead of making his mind flit about all over the green grass. The same post in my standard theme:


Though this theme is nice, I would like some variety…some options. Unfortunately there are none available. With blogger adding new feature in the form of templates & now syncing with MJ I thought maybe I would be given an option there, but so far haven’t found anything. Editing the HTML of the given template may give me the desired result but its cumbersome.

Looks like I may have to learn how to make themes on WP…that or maybe learn HTML/CSS.
[hoping somebody will read this & make a good one, saving me all the trouble :P]

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