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How long before the next ‘fix’?

sdc10890.jpgHave you ever wanted to test the battery strenght of your iPod? Maybe just to put to test Apple’s playtime claims, or just know if it will last you for that 30 hour long trip [yup, I have had to make those….from college all the way back home]. Now I have NOT googled about any of this & it’s just an idea that came to me when I was studying. [You could say I was little distracted].

Anyway, here goes:
What you will be needing: An iPod, a computer running iTunes, the charging cable, headphone/earphone you normally use.

  1. Sync your iPod. Let it charge fully.
  2. Choose a song. Note the song length, in minutes. [say = L]
  3. Check its playcount in iTunes. [ say=p ]
  4. Set the iPod to ‘Repeat One’ in settings. I chose a song that I was going to delete anyway, as this would muck up the playcount. Or you can choose one that is you favorite to push up the count. Or if you are not an attention-to-detail kindda guy/girl, any song will do [ Are you judging me? Hey it’s YOU who is a disorganized klutz!]
  5. Plug in the headphone/earphone, press play & set appropriate volume level. Now don’t just stand there!! Go get some work done, hang out with friends, watch a movie & maybe even sleep. Its going to be a long time till the little bugger croaks…
  6. Once the iPod’s battery is dead. Connect to iTunes & sync.
  7. Note the new playcount. [ say=q ]. Get the difference : d= q-p.
  8. Total Playtime ( i )= L * d. (in minutes)

Now you know the max life of your iPod’s battery. To get a more real life situation you can skip a few songs, change the volume, fiddle a bit to ‘simulate’ general usage etc.

Lame you think? Well there is not much you can do about it, so there!


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