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ROBOCON 2010:Egypt


ROBOCON 2010, Egypt results as per the official site

ROBOCON 2010-Nationals


Viva La Martiniere!!

On Sept 13th La Martiniere Lucknow celebrated another Founder’s Day. It’s a special feeling to belong to an institution such as this. This post is dedicated to us Martinians, all over the world doing our school proud.


I am a Martinian & I stand tall among the clouds,

Yet I am humble, for I feel blessed, privileged

To have learned my lessons of life in the security

Of these great halls. This is my home!

I am a Martinian, tried and true and I fear not

What lies in Life’s road ahead. I will prevail

No matter where the road of Life leads me.

I am first, a proud Martinian!

A Martinian is a special breed of men & women.

Thus, we must exercise kindness, tolerance,

Patience, understanding and love.

A Martinian does not judge, critisize or look down

Upon another human being.

A Martinian sees no color,caste,race or creed,

For a Martinian should believe that we are

All equal in the eyes of God and Man.

A Martinian should be wise and gentle,

And yet, stand up for one’s beliefs and

Have the courage of one’s convictions.

To always speak the truth, but with

Kindness and softened gentle blows.

Vindictiveness and jealousies breed

The lasting seeds of Evil.

I am a Martinian, an entity unto myself,

And yet, I am never alone.

My brothers and sisters, past and present

Have bonded me forever, with love.

I am a Martinian and no matter where I go,

No matter where I live, I am first,

A Martinian.

I stand with my head in the clouds

And I lift my face to the sun and smile,

For I am Proud to be a Martinian.

-Alison Ogilvie/Cunningham
Lucknow 1953-1959
Cornwallis House.


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