Motorola Xoom Launched. Batshit price of $800 [Update 2]

The first tablet powered by Android 3.0 is now announced. At a ridiculous price of $800. Motorola Xoom is supposed to be today, what Samsung Galaxy Tab was supposed to be six months ago. The iPad Killer.

Thankfully with Android’s Honeycomb OS on it, the Xoom has a better chance than the Tab ever did. If you have seen the screenshots/videos of Honeycomb you know it is a well thought out OS. Now it is up-to the hardware manufacturers to step up & create devices capable of harnessing its power

The problem right now? Well the most expensive iPad cost $830, just $30 more than Xoom. The biggest contention everybody has with Apple is the price vs features. You have to offer something brilliant if your product is going to be of the same range. And did I mention that the MacBook Air 11″ is just a $200 upgrade from Xoom? You get a full computer at that price, a very zippy one [Everyone who has used it has been blown away, just look it up].

All this with iPad2 coming out around march & like the iPhone upgrades, you can bet that the pricing will be same as the current ones. Infact you can expect the iPad1 to be available very cheaply with the release of iPad2. Or Apple may even step up the storage capacity as they have done with the iPod touch.

It is really astonishing how dead on Apple’s pricing of their iPad is when the competition is having trouble of getting an equivalent product shipped. This after one year since the iPad created the tablet market.

Oh and  that deafening silence you hear is of Apple haters who can no longer say ‘outrageous pricing’


It seems $800 was a mistake. Yeah, it sounded too expensive right? Well Best Buy just upped the price to $1200. Yes you read that right, an increment! I can get the 13″ MacBook Pro for that price Motorola.

So you want to guess how many Xoom’s will sell?


After yo-yoing on the price Motorola has finally decided: $799 for 3G & $600 for wifi only.


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