HP Introduces webOS devices.

HP has come out with an entire series of mobile devices running on WebOS in their event ThinkBeyond. WebOS is primarily based on Palm which HP had acquired with the intent of entering the mobile market.

There are three major WebOS devices that HP announced:Veer, Pre 3, TouchPad. Or as HP calls it:the S,M,L lineup

Veer & Pre 3



Personally, I am not very excited with the phones though they are reasonably good. It is the TouchPad that is interesting. In-fact I would like to say that it is the only tablet that is looking like a competitor to the iPad [Xoom & Galaxy Tab are “Me-too’s”]. The OS itself is quite good, but we knew that already [It was smart of HP to snap it up when Palm was in trouble], it was the first contender to the iPhone in its heydays]. Highlights:

-Slick interface.

-Best Notification system on the market

-Tap to Transfer is AWESOME! Bring a Pre3/Veer near the TouchPad, tap it & the information displayed on the tablet is transferred to the phone! Brilliant.

-Another significant announcement was the introduction of WebOS onto computers. Will HP be dicthing its longtime partner Microsoft? Time will tell.

Hit up these links for in-depth coverage of the devices.

1.The tiny Veer

2 Hp Pre 3

3.Hp TouchPad

The point to note here is that HP is controlling the hardware as well as the software. So the tablet is polished & the features of the OS are tightly integrated for best performance & experience unlike Android which frankly, is all over the place. With Android its like firing a shotgun, some of the shots are bound to hit the bulls eye. I would rather you aim for the bull’s eye rather than depending on luck.

All is not rosy though. HP did not announce a shipping date [coming out this summer ] nor the price. Time is of the essence here with the whole mobile industry jumping on the tablet bandwagon. Once you showcase a product you can be sure others will try to replicate what you have done. After spending so much time effort on developing a good device it would be fatal to let it languish & give the competition time to catch up. The iPad2 is slated to release in a few months & rumors of iPad3 have already started!! Not mentioning the price is a worrying thing too. Like it or not, iPad is the benchmark of the tablet industry & it is very aggressively priced. Even after a year it is hard to match it [again I give you Xoom & GalaxyTab]. For the TouchPad to be a hit the pricing has to be just right.

Tablet signifies portability & that requires uninterrupted power supply. The iPad has 10hrs of battery, can HP do better? I sure hope so. HP also made no mention of apps availability in their presentation which was also quite surprising. I hope the devs of the Palm community have not totally given up & will come back to provide good support.

HP has released the video of the presentation on YouTube.


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