iCloud Dilemmas

Apple has demoed iCloud this WWDC & it promises to add many in-demand features. Although it seems Godsend for a person with multiple iOS devices which he uses for himself ONLY, if the devices are used by multiple persons it would a bit of a trouble.

Consider my Uncle & his family. They own a total of 5 iOS devices: 4 iPhones [1 per person] + 1 iPad. Also there are two Macs in the house. All the purchasing of songs/apps/TV shows done through the iTunes Store is handled through his Apple ID.

How will iCloud handle syncing across multiple iOS devices linked to a single Apple ID?

  • If he downloaded an app on his iPhone it would also sync to all the other iOS devices, even if the other ppl linked to the account do not want the app [his kids would not want a medical app & he would not want the FML app 😉 ]
  • The photostream:Will all the photos be synced? I’m not sure the kids would want the parents to see all the photos they take!
  • Ditto for iMessage. Also will it work over EDGE? The Apple page mentions only 3G…
  • About the email service provided under iCloud:How many accounts will be allowed under one Apple ID? If it is only one then it’s kinda sucky.

I hope Apple gives the option of having multiple email accounts for one Apple ID/iCloud & let the users link their devices with THAT email for a particular Apple ID. The sync should be handled with respect to the individual accounts so that the data of each user is private & not broadcast all over the family.

I guess we will know in the Fall.

[Image Source:Apple]


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