How the love affair between Apple & Me started

Most people think I became a fan of Apple after getting the MacBook & the release of the iPhone. Well it began way before that, when I saw the first Apple product: the iPod nano. And it was love at first sight. The rest as they say is history.

Here is the blog post from June 2006. [I had no concept of unboxing of gadgets then, but it was all so beautiful that I HAD to document it.]

Warning: This was one of the first posts ever on the internet. I had just discovered blogging. The tone & language is that of a n00b 🙂

Hey, guys Mamu has brought an iPod Nano [black] for dad.

Earlier I thought that I wouldn’t need it as I already have a music player in my Nokia 7710. But when I saw it I was bowled over.

Its black, razor thin, has a colour display, & I’m in love with it’s swivel wheel. It has only 2 GB memory, but it’s good enough. [specs.-3.5X1.5X.27 inches, any smaller it would be too awkward to use]

Man now I dearly wished that I had not told Mamu that I did not want it. It’s colour, & slimness is extremely appealing [I didn’t know that nano was that slim, thought that iPods were quite thick & a bit bulky].

The sound quality is fantabulous with an ace equalizer, sorting in form of playlists, albums, artists, genres, composers. Yaar, I hope dad gives it to me [he already has an MP3 player 512 MB].


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