That perfect Twitter app…


Having become addicted to twitter, the next obvious step was to look for the best twitter app. After trying over 10-15 of them [Echofon/twitterrific/Icebird/Osfoora/Tweetings/tweetdeck/hootsuite etc etc….Yes that many], I am back to twitter for iPhone, official app.

It is almost perfect, but they have this habit of randomly removing some features & that makes you want to smack them. For example, you could not see the location in any geotagged tweets. Now that they have brought this back, they removed the ability to search the timeline. Yep, it’s dick moves like this [oh and that reminds me, the Dick bar!] which makes me want to buy Tapbot/Tweetlogix. But Tapbot doesn’t to swipe to reveal, costs $3/Tweetlogix doesn’t do push notifications.

And so, the search for the perfect twitter app continues. Here is what my dream twitter app would have:

  • Clean compose screen with twitter handle autocomplete & hashtags. Option to insert #nowplaying with the data from the music app
  • Push Notifications
  • Ability to search your timeline
  • “Swipe to reveal” [run your finger across a tweet to bring up options like reply/retweet/fav etc]. Most apps use tap & hold to show. Swiping is quicker, and it feels cooler. The worst thing you can do is “One tap does W, two taps does X, three taps does Y, tap and hold does Z” etc. How am I supposed to remember all this?
  • Conversation view. And load entire conversation, not just upto the tweet from where I entered the conversation view [Good job here, twitter for iPhone]
  • Ability to mute users or hashtags. For when someone you follow is being a nuisance/ ridiculous hashtag games take over your timeline.
  • Pull to refresh. Also automatic timed refreshes [time user customizable]
  • Read a link later [via Read It Later or Instapaper]
  • Access to lists should be quick & easy
  • A dark theme & a light theme. Dark theme is easy on the eyes when you are on twitter after turning out the lights.
  • If I have entered only one twitter account, don’t open the “select account to send tweet from” pane from the compose screen.
  • Inline picture preview when you open tweet. And location. Tapping on the picture/geotag opens it full screen.
  • Ability to adjust font size.
  • Auto rotate options:Always, In compose screen only, Never.
  • A fast in app browser. Dont want to be kicked out of the app every-time I click on a link.
  • Option to toggle badge count of new tweets since last refresh or just a discreet way of knowing that new tweets have arrived  vs[those red badges drive me insane sometimes]
If any developers read this & develop an app, you have a buyer here!

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