Meme Apps

If you spend time on the internet, you will have seen memes [here is how you pronounce it, by the way]. While there are online meme generators like Memebase if you’ve wanted to make a meme on the fly [say on your smartphone], it can be tough. Accessing standard meme websites on small screens & flaky mobile data, takes the fun out of it. Thankfully there are some apps that make it simple & easy. Oh & did I mention, they are free.

For iOS:

Meme Design [App Store]

Just choose your image [popular memes provided, you can also use photos from your library], type the caption & share. It is a universal app, runs both on the iPhone & the iPad

For Android:

Meme Generator [Andoid Market]


Meme Maker [Android Market]

Again, choose image, add caption & you are done.

And if you want an application for your computer, well there are those too.

Mac OS X

Meme Generator [App Store]

iMeme [Download Link]


MemeGenerator [Download Link]



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