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Retina Screen Comparison

Here are some screen comparisons between the Retina Display & the iPad 2 regular display. Can you guess which is which? Answer at the end of the pictures. [click on pictures for high resolution images]

The 3rd gen iPad is on the left, Pad 2 on the right.

The 3rd Gen iPad has better colours. The Reds, yellows, greens & whites are more vivid. I find the contrast of the iPad 2 to better though. Holding both at  arm’s length, doesn’t show much difference, the Retina display really shines when you pull up any text on it. Then it is like a magazine, reading on it will be a pleasure.

I did not have any wifi issues that others are reporting. I did find it to run a little warmer than iPad2, albeit slightly. It does not hinder usage in any way.

More updates will follow.



Dear Rahul,

This is not going to be easy. But I will try. One sentence at a time.

Congratulations. Is that appropriate? That’s what people at work say when someone quits. And, despite the anguish surrounding your decision, this is supposed to be a happy day. At least I would like to think of it that way.

I expected you to finish in Adelaide. The same Adelaide where, in 2003, you found gold at the end of the rainbow. The same Adelaide where another colossus, Adam Gilchrist, retired four years ago, his wife and children sitting among the press, his voice breaking towards the end of each sentence, tears trickling down his cheeks as the press conference wound down.

But the Chinnaswamy Stadium fits well. That’s where it all began. And that’s where it ends. Like Gilly, you leave with your family and former team-mates watching over your retirement announcement…

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iPad 3 [Updated]

Name:The next iPad will be called ‘iPad 3’.

Not iPad HD or iPad HD+ or iPad superHD. Apple doesn’t do complicated. When the iPhone resolution was bumped up, Apple chose ‘Retina Display’ & has marketed the hell out of it. Why would it want to dilute this brand? This also sets it apart from the competition.

Home Button: Yes, there will be a home button.

Size/Cheaper Version: iPad 3 will be 9.7 inches, as before.

There will not be a smaller iPad to “compete” with Kindle Fire. The iPad 2 will get cheaper & attempt to snatch Fire’s customers.


  • New processor (A5.5, not A6)
  • 1Gb RAM (for the Retina Display apps)
  • LTE: This is a toughie. 70% No, 30 % Yes. If the iPad 3 was scheduled to be announced in July-August then it would certainly carry LTE. As of now, I dont think so.
  • Battery:Bigger, but will still give 10hrs (That brilliant display will need the juice)
  • Camera: May get bumped up to units used in iPhone 4.
  • Design: Same as before, slightly thicker to accommodate the bigger battery.

UPDATE [8.3.12]:

Spot on about everything except the LTE radio & the name. Apple trolled everybody by dropping the number! Expect the next iPhone to be just ‘iPhone’. In hindsight it makes sense…only the iPhone & iPad had numbers. Macs, iPods are all classified according to generation.1 Gb RAM should be confirmed once iFixit gets its hands on one .

To understand how badass that Retina Display is, click on the image below [via: MacRumors]

You can make a 42″ Full HD [1080p] TV with that resolution. And have 1 million pixels left over. And still get the whopping 10hr battery. For $500. Lemme know when the competition can match that.

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