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Rules Of Writing

Been reading Mr.Vinod Mehta’s “Lucknow Boy: A Memoir” for sometime now. Quite a lot of fun.

An interesting paragraph:

No manual or school can teach you how to write. There are no benchmarks or ten simple steps you can cram. George Orwell however, laid out some goalposts for the person in ‘doubt about the effect of a word or a phrase’, and the rules  ‘that one can rely on when instinct fails’. He then proposed six rules:
  • Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech wich you are used to seeing in print.
  • Never use a long word when a short one will do.
  • If it is possible to cut out a word, always cut it.
  • Never use passive when you can use the active.
  • Never use a foreign phrase or scientific word or jargon word if you can think of an everyday english equivalent.
  • Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.
I think this is something everybody should keep in mind.

LOST:The End


So what did you think of the last episode? Though not exactly ‘satisfied’ I was ‘at peace’ with it and I guess that’s something. If you thought you ended up wasting 6 years then be glad the ending wasn’t something like this!


I would bet my life on there being mass suicides/shootouts on the 24th!!!


The writers are saying that we maybe getting more answers later on…but for that we will have to wait for the DVDs. Post-LOST there are some interesting discussions & takes by the fans.

Best/Worst Moments of LOST
Rank of Villains: Good One!
-Who was the
most likable character?

-Some great one-liners from Hurley

Then there are these awesome jokes about the whole series:
-A hilarious vid :LOST in 108 sec [killer line @ t=12 seconds]
-What to do when you are stuck on a weird ass island…or rather
what THEY did!!!

And if you have no idea what I am talking about then this is exactly for you! Atleast you wont have the WTF look if ppl around you start talking about candidates, black smoke, donkey wheels & MiB.

Cheers !

LOST Finale:Prelude

Here we are. 6 years & 121 episodes later, at the end of LOST. At 5am GMT [~10:30am IST] when the final episode airs, it will probably be one of the most anticipated series finales. And rightly so.

It all started with Vicky bhayia buying the Box Set of Season 1. I got to see a few episodes before moving to Pune. And I was hooked. This was way back in 2006…when I hardly watched any tv shows [it may sound absurd now but I swear its true!]. For almost 3 years it lay dormant. There would be some talk about how the series was faring, & I would often overhear random words that was the LOST lingo…others, island, 815, black rock. It was 2008 that saw the advent of laptops in our student lives, followed by internet. It wasn’t long before we were introduced to the world of torrents, and then there was no looking back. I mutated into the maniac I am now, watching all of Prison Break,FRIENDS & Scrubs within 6 months. Then I saw it: LOST season 5 was midway. It wasn’t hard to find a fellow junkie & get all the prior seasons while queuing up the new season for download. The long forgotten hook tugged & I was reeled in…

To be frank I was fairly skeptical that I would ever see this show to it’s end. By the second season, hundreds of questions went on to become a thousand & the thousand a million. They started with a dozen characters that soon multiplied manifold, with their infinite flashbacks linking them to each other it was becoming hard to keep track of it all. The secrets were overwhelming , the relations complicated & alliances forged were fickle than the plebeians of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. At one point I got so frustrated that I swore not to watch it anymore…but there I was, a few days later watching Jake, Kate & Sawyer trek through the undergrowth. There are still a whole bunch of questions that one feels that need to be answered….I have read so many ‘10 questions LOST must answer’ on the internet it seems impossible for a show with so many question marks to exist!

But it was all this that made the show what it is & giving it a cult following. Having watched the whole thing again before starting Season 6 [yes, you read it right. I saw the whole thing.Again.Seriously…I mean it.] you have to marvel at the writers for the way it all gels together. There are so many clues & references that you get only when you watch the second time ! And it’s the open ended mysteries that make for interesting discussions. Listening to theories that range from probable to outright madness you realise that the show has a life of its own.

There are times you want to throw stuff at the screen, there are moments that make you go ooOOO! & times when you are simply dumb struck.

The last episode is called ‘The End’ but for the story that is LOST it certainly is not.

With that I leave you enjoy the roller-coaster last episode & like Desmond says:See you in another life, brother!

Scrubs:Season 8 Finale

The last episode of season 8 of Scrubs [& hopefully the last of the series too].
One word:Perfect.
I KNOW all Scrubs fans will love it.

Fun moments of the Finale
-JD’s last “EAGLE!” at Sacred Heart.
-Elliot & Carla hugging 😉
-Janitor & “Mu-Night Shyamalan”!
-Janitor’s walk-stop-walk to JD’s “we could still be friends”
-Jordon”I wanna touch it but I don’t”
-Glenn Matthews…or is it Tommy?!

What I will miss:
-The Janitor. The trick, the faces. Too funny!
-Todd’s ‘High Fives’.
-Ted & his weird talks [& his perennial shocked expression 😮 !]
-Elliot’s too!
-Turk & JD’s antics.
-The music used in scrubs. Gave me some real rocking ones to listen to. Have a whole playlist named “Scrubs”!

Best moments of the finale
-JD & Carla talk:

JD:How come you never tortured me? You know, like when I first started.
Carla:You were Bambi…..somebody had to teach you how to walk.
JD:Thank you for that…for being my teacher.
Carla:No problem.
JD:Is there anything that I can do to repay the favor?
Carla:Tell me my husband loves me more than he loves you!
JD:About the same…
Carla:I’ll take it….I’m gonna miss you Bambi.
JD:I’m gonna miss you too…

-Dr. Cox shares what he really thinks of JD:

Cox:For the record, he was the best that ever came through this dump.John Dorian was the first & only doctor I ever met who cared as much as I do. And you can forget about him being just an exceptional physician, because the fact of the matter is, he was…he’s a damn exceptional person. It’s why people gravitated to him. It’s why I did. He was my friend.

-JD walking down the corridor, reminiscing.scrubsmyfinale250.jpg

-JD sees what the future may hold for him & all his friends.

One request….please finish it here. I don’t want to watch a half dead Scrubs without the existing cast. If someone has to continue it, please do it under another name…plz

A fantastic show. If you have not watched it….get the DVDs!!
*sigh* the wednesday slot now lies empty….

Stella the Mother in HIMYM:New evidence

96915_d0431thumbnailWho is the Mother in “How I Met Your Mother”?
Have been watching it for some time now. And today I had an epiphany. Stella. Ok…it might not seem einstein-like brilliant, but it does have some Sherlock-like deduction.

In “No Tomorrow” [3×12], Ted says “I found out years later that your mom was at that party…I just didn’t meet her…”
In “Ten Sessions”[3×13], Stella says”…I have been to one party in the past year, St.Patty’s day was awful, I left early…”

They might have been at the same party, but as she had left early they did not meet.
Is it a co-incidence that she said that? Maybe the writers put it out there as a clue, like that framed thing on the wall. These would certainly make some good flashback moments, when Ted actually meets her.

One major flaw…If it was Stella, then the children should have recognized her name & said something…Well anyway had the thought so I put it here. Comments welcome!

Roadies 6.0:Finale [Part 2]

Saw the Roadies 6.0 finals [part-2]today & I must say the conclusion was REALLY good. The whole show as such was nothing brilliant, but with the ending, it becomes pretty good.

Unlike the last Roadies final, this one was full of emotion, passion & the best part…only the deserving guys were in the finals, again, unlike the last Roadies [ come on!! Aashu & Nihaal? ughh *gags*]. Thankfully this time Raghu was fair enough to give the eliminated, but deserving roadies, another chance, esp. Sufi. I agreed with him that some good contestants had been eliminated, just due to his twists. The last chance was just. There was this speculation that Sufi had won & this unwittingly helped to add more twists in the already knotted game. Unfortunately, when the rumor spread the finals had not even been recorded!!

Naumaan had performed admirably in the last stages, enabling his survival. I don’t know why everybody was biased against him. Agreed, sometimes he did look like a sissy, but ridiculing him & not Palak[Gurmeet]? Why was everybody [the other roadies/ex-roadies] rooting for her? She was the one who swore, who hit & was in everybody’s face…the moment anybody retaliated she would burst into tears, causing Samraat to go “Main PAGAL ho jaaunga…”! I was jumping with joy when Raghu slammed her in the part-1 of the finals! She deserved every bit of it…And did anybody believe her “Respiratory Distress”  act when she stormed off & collapsed?? [The medical term is the result of watching too much “House MD” :)] Was jubilant when Palak was “chopped”. That chick [am being polite here…] was just:crap.Period.

Nauman & Kiri were both great. Both had been eliminated, but made their way back when given the chance. I was kind of cheering for Kiri…nice guy. Liked his open demeanor & apolitical stand throughout the game.
The final task was INTENSE. It had everything that a riveting final should have. I already knew the winner but even then I was tense & awaited the conclusion with bated breath. You must watch it to feel the thing. Superb.

Naumaan Sait is the winner of Roadies 6.0.The prize money finally stood at Rs.3,62,000.
HH Karizmas were given to:Naumaan, Kiri, Sufi, Samraat, Palak

Congrats to Naumaan on a well deserved victory!

I saw the results here: I loved how they stated the it!!
We Respect him:Kiri
Loser:Gurmeet! [Hah!]

Cena’s Top 10: March’09 Week 4

1.Martin Sheen or JFK – Yellowcard
2.Pieces – Sum 41
3.Run – Snow Patrol
4.Violet Hill – Viva La Vida
5.No Reason – Sum 41
6.Waiting Game – Yellowcard
7.Hollywood Died – Yellowcard
8.Linger – The Cranberries
9.Dance Inside – All American Rejects
10.Girl All the Bad Guys want – Bowling for Soup

Cena’s Top 10: March’09 Week 3


1.Run – Snow Patrol
2.Violet Hill – Coldplay
3.My Apocalypse – Esacpe the Fate
4.Supermassive Blackhole – Muse
5.Spotlight [Twilight Mix ]-Mutemath
6.Decode – Paramore [Twilight Soundtrack]
7.Never Say Never -The Fray
8.Chocolate – Snow Patrol
9.Lost – Coldplay
10. Sufi Tere Pyaar Mein-Jai Veeru

Cena’s Top 10: March’09 Week 1

1.Everytime-Simple Plan
2.Innocent-Our Lady Peace
3.Time After Time-Quietdrive
4.What have you done-Within Temptation
5.Girl All the Bad Guys Want-Bowling for Soup
7.Down on My Head-Yellowcard
8.All Around Me-Flyleaf
10.Lines Of Light-The Subways

Last Week’s Top 10

Cena’s Top 10: Feb’09 Week 4

Got this album [Vertical Horizon:Everything You Want] this week & loved the songs…hence the dominance 🙂
1.You Say – Vertical Horizon
2.Finding Me – Vertical Horizon
3.Miracle – Vertical Horizon
4.Send it up- Vertical Horizon
5.High & Dry – Radiohead
6.Let it Whip – SR 71 [in the movie- The New Guy]
7.Heart In Hand- Vertical Horizon
8.Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) – Vertical Horizon
9.We Are – Vertical Horizon
10.Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

Last week’s Top 10

Delhi 6…yeah right, more like “Delhi zero”


Saw this movie today & I am putting this with all those other worst movies ever made[Babul, Saawan etc.]. Forget the acting…first comes the story, & this movie is simply INCOHERENT. You NEED to have a main plot to base a movie on…this movie absolutely does not.

You might be watching the gallis of Delhi now, switch over to news of Kaala Bandar next, jump on household spats & then land up in the nukkad ki Ramlila [which for some reason has a lot of special effects, with Hanumaan/rakshas flying all over]. Any three consecutive shots have NO link between them whatsoever & you are left wondering what is being trying to be told, what you should focus on…An emotionally charged scene might be followed a completely mind numbing display on filmy Indian-nes, that will leave you scratching your head. To add to the confusion you have random shots of Delhi with some weird music playing the background [come to think of it some crappy music/singing is always going on], trying to justify the movie title.It seems that some videos were shot haphazardly, scotch-taped together randomly & released. Like yeh lo movie. Jumbled words hote hain na? Waisa hai….dekho aur suljhao !

Movie Starts:
My mind working:
Ok…Grandma going to India to recover [though all she talks about is death ]
nope,hmm…phorenized pota will hear his motherland calling & “Swades” follows
Nah…seems to be some Kaala Bandar running amuck…err no.
Cow giving birth, in the middle of the street & the ppl have managed to decorate it!….Civil liberties, untouchables?

Mid Movie:
Still working on the figuring:
Bharat Bhraman? Romance? You see Dilli ki Galli..”Incredible Delhi” Ad? NO…Motorola Ad! fighting in the family [Ekta Kapoor!]? Wrong again!..Maybe Indian culture?
Some more Ramlila…

Movie Ends:
Independent daughter?…Aah Hindu Muslim jhagda! [that is localised to only this mohalla],Pyaar ho gaya? Big B?
Kala Bandar gone after creating all the confusion in this galli?
Ramlila Again?!
If you wondering…No, still not figured out anything & have stopped thinking about it altogether. The only positive thing in the movie is the presence of Sonam Kapoor. She is looking nice & atleast you can see her [unlike saawariya, the city seemed to be under Tamraaj Kilvish-Andhera Kayam rahe!]

If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor & keep it that way

Cena’s Top 10: Feb’09 Week 3

Its Sunday… as promised, here is this week’s top 10:


1.Gone Forever-Three Days Grace
2.Believe-Breaking Benjamin
3.Life is Beautiful – Vega 4
4.Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
5.Right Now-Akon
6.Come To Life-Alter Bridge
7.Rock & Roll Queen-The Subways
8.Move Along-All American Rejects
9.In My Place-Coldplay
10.Emosanal Attyachaar[Rock version]-Dev D

Last weeks Top 10

Changeling-Movie Review

First of all, a couple of birthday wishes. Two very special ppl have their birthdays today, my pyaari little sister Shivani & dear friend Shradha.
Wish you both a very Happy Birthday, & God bless.

…let the candles continue forever!
Enjoy & have a rollicking day! *MUAAH* 😀



Genre:Crime | Drama | History | Mystery
Cast:Angelina Jolie, Gattlin Griffith, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan, Colm Feore, Amy Ryan, Michael Kelly, Jason Butler Harner
Director:Clint Eastwood
Tagline:To find her son, she did what no one else dared.
Release Date:31 October 2008(USA)

I saw this movie today & it was heart wrenching to say the least.

Jolie is has portrayed a very de-glamourised role & has done some pretty good work. The movie starts off simply, showing the life of a mother & child in the late 20’s. The movie progresses quickly to the main theme & Angelina [Christine] does a credible job as a distraught mother, waiting for news & apprehensive about the offing. The movie really becomes interesting upon the return of her “son”. As it is based on a true story it seems even more disturbing. We come to see the face of an obstinate police officer representing the LAPD…a police department embroiled in many illegal acts, facing a serious image & trust fallout with the public. An officer, who will go to any lengths to prove Christine wrong so as to protect his as well his departments reputation. It is scary because there is a complete violation of all fundamental rights of a person, just because they ask a public servant to do their duty. You see doctors stating reduction in height as completely normal, civic liberties going for a toss & hospitals become torture chambers to “re-educate” the troublemakers.

The performances by all the actors are extremely convincing. You will hate the cops, the doctor & the others incharge. You will feel the pain & the helplessness of Christine as well as her well-wishers. Finally when Christine is vindicated, so are you. You applaud her courage to stand up to odds that had always been against her & come out victorious.


A must watch.

Cena’s Top 10: Feb’09 Week 2

Being a music addict [refer to: 25 things you may not know about me] I have LOADs of songs…With me always plugged into my iPod, ppl keep asking me about amy favorite song/artist/band. I have a hard time answering these questions as I love all my songs. To help me sort out my favorite, I have decided top put down the “Top 10 Most Played” every week. This should answer all the questions & also give me some perspective.

Cena’s TOP 10: Feb’09 Week 2
1.Life is Beautiful – Vega 4
2.Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
3.Ultraviolet – Stiff Dylans
4.Ye Zingagi Bhi – Luck By Chance
5.Jai Ho-Slumdog Millionaire
6.Bad Dream – Keane
7.Highway to Hell – AC/DC
9.Fix You – Coldplay
8.Best of me – Sum 41
10.Kaisa ye Raaz Hai – Raaz

Remember…this has NOTHING at all to do with all the other Top 10s out there…its my favs for the past week. This will probably change in the next seven days.

Feel free to tell me about bands/songs that are good
[preference-Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Acoustic-Piano Rock/pop, No Punjabi!]

Har Har Mahadev-an…Shankar Mahadevan!!

TOI has started “Times Pune Festival” featuring a number of cultural programs as in live performance by various artists [Shankar Mahadevan, Wadali Brothers, Hariharan, Shivani Kashyap,Pandit Jasraj,Pentagram], plays [Wedding Album,Tumhari Amrita], cooking classes in various upscale hotels & many other fun activities from 17th-25th Jan,09. Yesterday, my room-mates & I went to the live performance of Shankar Mahadevan at SSPMS ground & returned completely satiated.

I had already taken the passes from the TOI office as soon as they had come out…the good news was that they were free :). The concert was from 7pm onwards & I was debating how early we [Raghav & me…Anuj & Hemant had classes & were supposed to arrive as soon they were free] should leave so as too have a good view & not have to wait too long for the concert to start. So we left at 6.30pm & were there by 6.50pm [No way was the concert going to start at 7….here everything runs on Indian Standard Time!!].

Reaching there was the easy part…getting all the way in on the bike, to the parking was frustrating. Traffic police was trying hard to keep the two way traffic moving in the one-lane-wide road. Adding to my nerves was the fact that the line to the entrance gate was over a kilometer long & no I am not exaggerating[checked my milometer!]. After navigating through absolute chaos, swearing at the guy in the red santro [he got out in the middle of the road & said isse aage nahi jayenge!! Wanted to thump him on the head :(], managing not to fall into the big khaddas & not skidding out of control on the loose gravel that was sprinkled about I finally managed to find a place & park.

Thankfully there were multiple entrances to the ground & we got in pretty quick once we were in que [though not before trying to barge our way in, in true hindustani fashion! :)…the security guards were alert though & told us that there was a que]. Inside I was dismayed to see that the place seemed to be half full already, but it turned out that a portion was barricaded for VIP’s…yup the front rows. The concert had not started yet [as predicted :)] & we started to scout for a good position to get a proper view. Being below the national average in height most of the ppl were taller than us…one of the rare times I cursed my luck for being short [I curse my luck a lot but not for my height :)…there are worse things out there!!].There were ample number of screens in the ground, but agar screen par hi dekhna tha toh could have downloaded the whole show on the net, live show ka maza toh stage se hi milega!. Kismat se I found a little mound…it was high enough[a couple of inches ]so that we could just see over the tops of the ppl infront of us. We could only have seen something if we were right next to the barricade, or a little higher. Since the barricade was already teetering with the weight of the ppl on it, we decided to stay on the mound. Again, thankfully, the VIP’s were seated, so we only had a couple of heads to look over. Throughout the jumping/jostling I never gave up my “perch”.

The concert started at 7.20, beginning with a couple of dance performances by the Asterix group, building the anticipation. Finally Shankar made his way on stage…sendind the crowd into a tizzy. He opened with the title track of “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” [with us jhooming along ]& followed it up with “Dil Chahta Hai”[The audience sang 25% of the song!]. Kudos to Shankar on his performance & his skills as an entertainer. He constantly roped in the audience, encouraging them to match him, joking around, always taking asking for more enthusiasm,dedicating”Pretty Woman” from “Kal Ho Na Ho” to all the pretty women of pune…*applaudes*. He unleashed his whole arsenal of tricks, manipulating the music, touching extraordinary crescendos, switched from bollywood to classical effortlessly & at one time engaging the audience in a musical duel, making us want more.
The audience response probably spurred him on & we were not complaining!! We sang till we were hoarse, & the singing became more of yelling, danced till our legs became numb & ucchal uchaal kar bhoochal le aai!!

Along with him there were other singers/budding artists who also gave a fantastic performances.Akriti sang “Johnny Gaddar” and “Sajna Pe Vaari Vaari” from “Honeymoon Travels”. The dancing troupe that shook a leg [& a lot more!!] to his rhythmic voice was inthralling, with precise co-ordination producing beautiful dance forms. There were 3 other artists from various talent hunt shows also shared the stage with Shankar & were quite entertaining.


(Credit for embedded pics:Aparna Subramanian)

Nearing the end, “Aaj Ki Raat” was sung by Akriti, Anusha and Mahadevan.The concert concluded, fittingly, with him performing “Breathless”…& we were exactly that:Breathless

Songs that made the audience go wild
-Don: He asked the audience to sing the line “mujko pechcaan lo…” & we responded with gusto!
-“Mitwa” “from Kabhi Alvida Na”: We were to sing the Mitwa in the chorus. Though barely in tune, we stepped up to the challenge!
-“Ma” from “Taare Zameen Par”: Emotions ran high in this tearjerker..
-“Kajrare”: Almost everybody was up on their feet dancing!
-“Pichle Saat Dino mein”:Everybody became a rockstar in this track…

At first tried I to record vids of the performance, but like a fool having a forgotten my camera at home, all we had were our cell phones. The distance & the darkness prohibited any good photography/Videography. In the end I made a sound recording of some of the songs.
Here they are:

  1. Mast Kalandar & music sync.mp3“>Challenging the musicians & peforming “Mast Kalandar” from “Heyy baby”
  2. party tonight.mp3“>”Where’s the party tonight” from “KANK”
  3. Kajarare.mp3“>”Kajrare” from Bunty & Bubli
  4. Pichle Saat Dinon Mein.mp3“>”Pichle Saat Dinon Mein” from “Rock On”
  5. Breathless.mp3“>”Breathless”

The pictures are not something to brag about, but ab photo kheeche hain toh dikhainge kyon nahi?!

Concert Photos
if the above link does not work try this:Photos

The concert lasted for 3 hrs…though we were standing the whole time, the music never let us feel tired. Kood Kood kar paseene mein bheeg gai they, par khoob maza aaya. Once the concert was over, then bhook & pyaas hit us…hard. The last meal we had eaten was at 2pm, so we went to JM & had dinner at Shiv Sagar[ Thoda zyada hi kha liya ;)]
Reached home at 12, completely beat, but as I had said before, fully satiated.

We are probably going to Hariharan’s performance on the 24th.

Till later

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