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Evasi0n Jailbreak

The simplicity of the evas0in tool finally convinced me to Jailbreak my phone. Get the tool & instructions from here.

Since I have an ageing iPhone 4, resources are precious. I decided to install only those apps/tweaks that would improve user experience & stay away from modifying the themes etc.


NCSettings for Notification Center Toggles, finally a quick way to get to these important settings. Has 18 toggles to choose from, swiping along shows the next set. BlurriedNCBackground to replace Notification Center Linen backdrop with a blurred background.

Brightness can be adjusted right here

Brightness adjusted in Notification Center

 On tapping the brightness button, it brings up the slider to adjust.


MultiStorey adds another row to App Switcher & brings volume slider together with media control


swipe upActivator is another great app. It allows you to use gestures to control your phone [similar to the gestures used on the iPad]. You can bind different gestures to different apps/tasks etc [2/3 fingers, touch/taps/swipes ]

For eg: I set it so that a sliding finger from the bottom onto the screen activates the app switcher , 3-finger tap takes a screenshot,  3 finger pinch closes app & brings me back to the home screen etc.

Changed from default camera to Camera+ using AnyLockApp

Changed from default camera to Camera+ using AnyLockApp

 AnyLockApp allows you to change app launched from the lock screen. Instead of the default camera app I have linked it to Camera+. It can be linked to any app of your choice.

Other apps of note

-SwipeShiftCaret: Move the cursor along text to edit easily with swipes

-Veency: Control phone through your computer.

All this has barely scratched the surface , there is so much more that you can do, its mind boggling!

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