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Retina Screen Comparison

Here are some screen comparisons between the Retina Display & the iPad 2 regular display. Can you guess which is which? Answer at the end of the pictures. [click on pictures for high resolution images]

The 3rd gen iPad is on the left, Pad 2 on the right.

The 3rd Gen iPad has better colours. The Reds, yellows, greens & whites are more vivid. I find the contrast of the iPad 2 to better though. Holding both at  arm’s length, doesn’t show much difference, the Retina display really shines when you pull up any text on it. Then it is like a magazine, reading on it will be a pleasure.

I did not have any wifi issues that others are reporting. I did find it to run a little warmer than iPad2, albeit slightly. It does not hinder usage in any way.

More updates will follow.

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