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How (not) to share your photographs

Bitten by the shutter bug, I have been looking up a lot of photography blogs/other people’s work. With media sharing taking over our lives, it is very important to curate what you put out there. In photography it’s almost guaranteed that out of a session you will get only a few really good pictures.

Some good advice:

The easiest way to show people that you take good photographs is to simply not show them every frame that comes out of your camera. To appreciate a photograph, the viewer needs to make some sort of emotional connection to it. It is very hard, if not impossible, to make such connections with a huge number of pictures in one set.

If you want me to make the effort to look through your pictures, you could atleast do me the courtesy of presenting it nicely. How many times have you come across pictures that have been taken in portrait & then posted without rotating them? It tells me that you apparently don’t care much about this, so why should I?

Hit up this link on how to sort your pictures so that everyone looks forward to going through them.



A new hobby is being developed. Photography. Thanks to digital cameras it is no longer an expensive undertaking.

A few shots that I have taken. Hit up my flickr for more


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