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Twitter for iPhone v4.0 Is A Design & Functionality Clusterfuck

Twitter for iPhone  is  was the most used app on my phone. In the last update they removed the search bar & now with today’s redesign ,they ruined it completely.

The choices make no sense:

  • THEY KILLED “SWIPE TO REVEAL” !!! This was the only feature that was stopping me from buying Tweetbot when they kicked out the search bar. Why remove a feature as simple and as elegant as this? It now takes me more taps to perform essential actions.
  • The font size is small & unadjustable.
  • Squeezing the main pane. iPhones have a 3.5 inch screen, adding graphics at the cost of functionality is never a good idea.
  • The obscenely big bar at the top with the twitter icon. It’s like the app is shouting at me “HEY, THIS IS TWITTER APP YOU’VE LAUNCHED. SEE THE BIRD? THATS THE TWITTER ICON. YEP”  I opened the damn app, I know what it does. I would rather have a slightly larger font than all this bling.
  • Thenavigation bar at the bottom is confusing. Stuff has been moved around , hidden & now must be hunted. Again, why?
  • Saving links to Instapaper/Readitlater has become  a chore. You must tap open the tweet, tap open the link, tap the icon at the bottom, select save. Four levels. When previously they did it with two, via ‘Swipe to reveal’. Unacceptable.
Twitter for iPhone was one of the best apps on iOS. Simple, clean, uncluttered & elegant. Now it’s a clunky mishmash.

What was the point of buying out Tweetie then? Twitter has removed everything that Tweetie had introduced [they pioneered swipe to reveal]

I guess it is time to move on…


Update: Bought Tweetbot at a discount. Love it.

Note: You cannot log out of the Twitter app as such. You have two options:

  • Delete the app. [Tap & hold icon, tap on the ‘x’ when the icons jiggle]
  • Go to iPhone settings> Twitter > select account > scroll down & ‘Delete Account’. This will affect the integrated sharing via Mobile Safari, Photos & any other twitter apps that use the login.Of course, you can always add your account again.

Switching accounts quickly: Swipe your finger right to left across the navigation bar at the bottom.

Accessing Direct Messages [DM] inbox quickly: Swipe your finger over the “Me” tab, upwards.


That perfect Twitter app…


Having become addicted to twitter, the next obvious step was to look for the best twitter app. After trying over 10-15 of them [Echofon/twitterrific/Icebird/Osfoora/Tweetings/tweetdeck/hootsuite etc etc….Yes that many], I am back to twitter for iPhone, official app.

It is almost perfect, but they have this habit of randomly removing some features & that makes you want to smack them. For example, you could not see the location in any geotagged tweets. Now that they have brought this back, they removed the ability to search the timeline. Yep, it’s dick moves like this [oh and that reminds me, the Dick bar!] which makes me want to buy Tapbot/Tweetlogix. But Tapbot doesn’t to swipe to reveal, costs $3/Tweetlogix doesn’t do push notifications.

And so, the search for the perfect twitter app continues. Here is what my dream twitter app would have:

  • Clean compose screen with twitter handle autocomplete & hashtags. Option to insert #nowplaying with the data from the music app
  • Push Notifications
  • Ability to search your timeline
  • “Swipe to reveal” [run your finger across a tweet to bring up options like reply/retweet/fav etc]. Most apps use tap & hold to show. Swiping is quicker, and it feels cooler. The worst thing you can do is “One tap does W, two taps does X, three taps does Y, tap and hold does Z” etc. How am I supposed to remember all this?
  • Conversation view. And load entire conversation, not just upto the tweet from where I entered the conversation view [Good job here, twitter for iPhone]
  • Ability to mute users or hashtags. For when someone you follow is being a nuisance/ ridiculous hashtag games take over your timeline.
  • Pull to refresh. Also automatic timed refreshes [time user customizable]
  • Read a link later [via Read It Later or Instapaper]
  • Access to lists should be quick & easy
  • A dark theme & a light theme. Dark theme is easy on the eyes when you are on twitter after turning out the lights.
  • If I have entered only one twitter account, don’t open the “select account to send tweet from” pane from the compose screen.
  • Inline picture preview when you open tweet. And location. Tapping on the picture/geotag opens it full screen.
  • Ability to adjust font size.
  • Auto rotate options:Always, In compose screen only, Never.
  • A fast in app browser. Dont want to be kicked out of the app every-time I click on a link.
  • Option to toggle badge count of new tweets since last refresh or just a discreet way of knowing that new tweets have arrived  vs[those red badges drive me insane sometimes]
If any developers read this & develop an app, you have a buyer here!

Excuse the excuses!

Nothing posted for over 2 months…Ouch!! I knew it had been long, but this long! Wow, talk about procrastination. Well, its not entirely my fault, there were a multitude of reasons:

  1. Not much happening. Atleast nothing worth writing a post about.
  2. If anything does come up, putting it up on facebook is way easier. It also gets more responses than writing a blog post about it [whaddya know…my friends are even lazier than me! they comment on FB but not on my blog :(]. I tell you, facebook is the real culprit…something happens, you ‘share’ it, 5 mins later you have a couple of comments & 3 ‘likes’. I am also starting to see why twitter is so popular & getting to understand it’s tag of being “a micro-blogging platform”. Thank God my friends aren’t that active on it or my blog would be dead [No, it was on life support for the last 2 months. And now its back! Miracles do happen].
  3. I am motivationally challenged [that is lazy in dumdum-speak] :D. Hey I never said that I was not…but please note that it comes last on the list of excuses 🙂

The blog should be seeing a flurry of activity after the 15th of Dec. You will be [hopefully] entertained by my description of the daily antics of my new Lab pup, Bruni. Currently she is running wild at home with both my mum & sis unable to rein her in. Hopefully I will be able to do so.

Lots is happening this december…new pup, my exams, anuj’s bday [party postpened due to exams :(], bade mama coming to India, Pa-Mum & bade Mama-Mami’s anniversary. One of my bada bhais is getting hitched…..infact his wedding it today, later in the day. A whole lot of love & best wishes from me to both of them…& I am really sorry to miss out on their wedding…stupid exams :(. [On a related note, I find calling ppl bhabhi or jeejaji very awkward. I dont know why but it feels REALLY WEIRD!!!! And I mean super duper weird….] A little trivia:Its was his blog that introduced me to the world of blogging, so ALL of this is due to him. Loads of love bro!!


Well, what was to be a small filler post turned into a bit more, eh? Good…it should get things moving 🙂


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